Climate Change

Real, but not as urgent as you might think.

William Levin offers a very calm, reasoned, and intelligent look at the current climate change language in his article, “We Have Time to Prevent Climate Change” (National Review Online, December 15, 2020).

Climate change is real, but it’s not nearly as drastic nor is attending to it nearly as urgent as climate change evangelists insist. Levin looks at the data compiled by the leading climate change authorities and concludes – and we’ll all be relived to learn – that the planet is not going to die out in ten years. Or even a hundred.

The changes in climate are real, but they’re not so out of control that we can no longer arrest them without drastic measures. By taking a long view and looking at all available power sources – including nuclear – the worst effects of climate change can be avoided and even reversed.

But politicians love kicking this ball around the field. It gets publicity, rewards select donors, channels money to other countries (making politicians look like real humanitarians), and helps to level the worldwide playing field in certain economic categories.

So the things that should be done probably won’t be done, and we’re likely to have the climate change usual suspects around for the rest of the century.

There is plenty of good analysis in this lengthy article, so let it calm your fears and bridle your anxieties. But don’t expect it to persuade too many climate change promoters.