Time for Doing

The world despises God’s Law; we must not.

Psalm 119.126
It is time for You to act, O Lord,
For they have regarded Your law as void. (NKJV)

This verse puzzles me with respect to who should be acting here. Literally, the text says, “It is time for doing to the Lord,” which would convey the idea that, since the Law of God has been set aside, what is needed to re-establish it in the affairs of men is for some to begin living and doing, obeying the Law with a view to serving God, so that its wisdom and power for love may again be seen (Deut. 4.6-9).

Another reading, favored by several translations, suggests that the negating of God's Law among men has become so pronounced that God Himself needs to act in order to restore the Law to life in society. This begs the question as to how He would do that, for surely His way is to act within and through His people.

So, again, it comes down to faithful people putting the Law into practice, if the negation of the Law is to be overturned and the Law given its rightful place in society once again.

But God's people will not act in this way unless He moves within them by His Spirit. We must seek the Spirit’s reviving presence and power, and call on people to seek Him for revival, renewal, and awakening. For only then will we keep the Law and all the Word of God as the standard for every aspect of our lives.