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Tommy Daniel RIP

Rejoicing in heaven with the Lord.

Fellowship of Ailbe Brother Tommy Daniel went home to the Lord Jesus this morning (March 15, 2021) at 6:01 am. A long-time diabetic, Tommy succumbed to kidney failure and cellulitis in hospice, with his wife, Lynne, attending. Tommy was from Nashville, TN.

Susie and I met Tommy 15 years ago, when he stayed in our home during a Colson Center Conference in Leesburgh, VA. He was humble, kind, and funny; it was clear to us that Tommy knew the Lord intimately, and that he was earnest and sincere in following and serving Him.

A recovered addict himself, Tommy for many years led a ministry which he called Next Right Step, reaching out to addicts of various kinds to bring the healing grace of Jesus into their lives. In his ministry, Tommy taught those entrusted to him about the importance of worship, growing in the Lord, participating in the community of Christ, serving one another, bearing witness to Jesus, and looking to Him for all their health, hope, and happiness.

Churches throughout the Nashville area saw the benefit of Tommy's work, and many of them supported him and his team faithfully.

Tommy was an example to many in his love for Jesus, and for Lynne; his devotion to those he served; his determination to grow in the Lord; his humility; and his ready wit and sincere friendship. He was not an organized person, and he knew it. All the years I knew Tommy, he expressed frustration over wanting to get his ministry and resources into better shape. But he was always too busy, and lately too ill, to assemble his notes, establish ministry plans, or do anything other than serve the people he loved with all his remaining strength.

I loved Tommy Daniel. Our Brother John Nunnikhoven and I knew him best, and we often prayed together for him, shared our frustrations about trying to help him, and laughed heartily about some witty thing Tommy said during some recent conversation.

Our Fellowship has lost a good friend. Tommy is the first of our Fellowship to bring the Ailbe Cross to the heavenly courts. I imagine him explaining the concept of Personal Mission Field to, say, Patrick or Columbanus, and the twinkle in their eye as they say to him, "Yes, we know."

Tommy, I miss you; I look forward to reunion some day not long hence, and then to forever in glory, basking with you in the brilliance and love of our Savior and King, Jesus Christ.

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