Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Week - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Week
Some secular honesty can be refreshing.
Going to church is not the key to knowing God.
There is power in those old hymns.
By all means - at least many means - read.
God wants you to be good, but not most of all.
A report on the latest addiction among children.
God is all beauty, goodness, and truth.
We've lost our mind. Will we also lose our presence?
If you knew God, you'd receive His gift gladly.
Cutlure matters, and it matters whether we care.
What does God want most of all for you?
What does God want most of all for you?
A case of misplaced priorities?
The message of the Bible remains true and unchanged.
Go ahead, WOOP it up!

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