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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
T.M. Moore - Fellowship of Ailbe
T.M. Moore

T. M. is Principal of The Fellowship of Ailbe, and Susie manages the bookstore and edits T. M.'s writing. They have been involved in ministry together for more than 40 years, in a variety of capacities including campus and pastoral ministry and theological education. Their burden is to help people realize the presence of Jesus and discover their calling from Him, so that in every area of their lives, they may know His joy and power, and work their Personal Mission Fields for the progress of Christ's Kingdom.

We will not see many people in this generation coming to Jesus until we show them a sign.

He's the One

November 14, 2010
The fruit of repentance is entrance into the Kingdom and wisdom of God.

Has God Changed?

November 11, 2010
The Word is powerful to convict and convert even the enemies of the Lord.
6 November 2010 It would be a mistake, I think, to understand "astonished" in Matthew 7.28, 29 as meaning "delighted." Probably something like "shocked" or "astounded" is what the apostle intended. Jesus did not teach like the scribes, who sought only to keep order and maintain the traditions of the community. He taught with authority.…
4 November 2010 Paul warns against allowing our earthly relationships and activities to distract us from the thing that matters most. We all have marriages, families, jobs, homes, and more that have to be attended to each day. But if we treat these things as ends in themselves, rather than opportunities to express our undivided…
11 November 2010 Paul advised the Corinthians that, when he came to see them, he did not expect simply to hear them talk about their faith; he expected to see the power of that faith alive within them. For the Kingdom of God, he explained, does not consist in words, but in power (1 Cor.…
10/27/10 Paul likened pastors to the Levites of ancient Israel (1 Cor. 9), who were guardians of the tent and testimony of the Lord (Num. 1.53). In what sense are pastors "guardians" in the household of faith today? Are we not called to guard the Gospel and the ministry of the Word against those who…
How shall the people we love realize the promises of God? The Christian faith orients us toward God and others. From God we seek blessings and glory; to others, we extend blessings, so that they might live for God and His glory. Central to this life of blessing and blessedness are the precious and very…
What does it mean to have "new life in Christ"? According to Paul (Rom. 6.4) it is to be caught up in and to express the glory of God the Father. For many of us, I suspect, the notion of "the glory of God" is a fairly intellectual idea, one we readily affirm and wholeheartedly…
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