About the Fellowship

The Fellowship of Ailbe is a Brotherhood of men, bonded together by a common Rule and Covenant, who are committed to realizing more of the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

We are not a “Celtic” order or fellowship; rather, our vision, values, and ministry are informed and shaped in many ways by the example and teaching of Irish Christians who, between the fifth and ninth centuries, were used of God to bring a far-ranging revival and awakening to traditional Celtic lands, as well as to much of Europe.

We are committed to seeking Christ and His Kingdom, and to encouraging and equipping believers in all communions for a closer and more fruitful walk with Him.

The Fellowship provides an abundance of resources for Christian growth and ministry. These include:

  • Teaching letters
  • Biblical and theological studies
  • Books and study guides
  • Workshops
  • Assessment tools
  • Prayer groups and resources
  • Online training

For the most part, the resources of The Fellowship are available at no charge (books excepted).

We serve a large and growing community of readers, students, mentees, and collaborators who share our vision for greater realization of the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Browse through our navigation menu and learn about the many opportunities available for growing in Christ and becoming better equipped to serve Him. Visit our FAQ page for more information about The Fellowship, or contact us with your questions.

For a closer look at our unique perspective, priorities, and program, and to learn how you can benefit from the resources of The Fellowship of Ailbe, watch the brief video above.

And please download our Morning and Evening Reader, Give Him No Rest. Here, using quotes from Scripture, readings from Jonathan Edwards, and brief meditations, you’ll discover ways your prayer life can be strengthened and enriched.

Welcome to The Ailbe Community of The Fellowship of Ailbe.