The Scriptorium

Glorify Your Name

September 26, 2017
In Jesus' hour of glory, God the Father would be glorified.

Hour of Trouble

September 25, 2017
Jesus must get to glory through trial.

Triumphal Entry

September 24, 2017
Many lessons for discipleship emerge here.

The Hour Has Come

September 23, 2017
It has finally arrived.

To See Jesus

September 22, 2017
Only John records this incident. Why?

A Great Draw

September 21, 2017
Jesus is drawing the whole world to Himself.
John needs to explain something.

On a Donkey

September 19, 2017
Humility identifies the King and His Kingdom.
Jesus arrives outside Jerusalem, and the people are ecstatic.

Jesus in Bethany

September 17, 2017
John prepares us for the events to come.

Sin's Rage

September 16, 2017
Here's where unchecked sin can lead.

Coming to Jesus

September 15, 2017
Are they still coming to Jesus today?
Jesus explained the purpose of Mary's offering.


September 13, 2017
We must all guard against this tendency.

A Beautiful Work

September 12, 2017
Mary shows us what beauty looks like.

Today's ReVision

Partaking of the Calling

This really real calling is for us, now.

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