The Scriptorium
Are you a Christian? Are you bearing much fruit?
If this won't get you to pray, nothing will.
Jesus' warning to His disciples still stands.

The Vine

November 15, 2017
Let's take a closer look at this beloved image.
Jesus intends for us to bear fruit.

Help and Peace

November 12, 2017
Discipleship is an intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Just So You Know

November 11, 2017
Jesus told us in advance so that we would believe when it came to pass.

Unworldly Peace

November 10, 2017
Jesus promised peace that is out of this world.

Help on the Way

November 9, 2017
Jesus promised the Holy Spirit. Imagine!
Jesus, manifest to us. God dwelling with us. Wow.
The world would not see Him, but His disciples would see Him. See?
Without His help, we can do nothing.

Looking Ahead

November 5, 2017
Jesus pointed His disciples to the future.

Ask in His Name

November 4, 2017
It's not carte blanche; it's better.

Greater Works?

November 3, 2017
Greater works than Jesus did? Really?

Today's ReVision

The Vanity of Politics

Politics is a great leveler.

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