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The Scriptorium
They're our genealogies, too. Hebrews 11.17-12.2

God Remembers

February 20, 2020
And so should we. Exodus 2.23-25
All the genealogies point to this. Matthew 11.25-30
And they're all around us all day long! Isaiah 54.1-7

Real People

February 17, 2020
He has called us by name. Isaiah 43.1-7
One great genealogy remains. Revelation 7.4-10
Luke's genealogy takes it all in. Luke 3.23-38
Genealogies were indispensable for God's people. Ezra 8.1-14; Nehemiah 7.5-7
Here's the real test of reading genealogy. 1 Chronicles 9.1-44
It's a little genealogy with a lot of clout. Ruth 4.13-22
They would have needed genealogies to do this. Joshua 14.1-5; 21.43-45
Without genealogies, this would have been impossible. Numbers 1-4, 26
Jacob offers a prophetic genealogy. Genesis 49.8-12
Jacob and his family prepare to enter Egypt. Genesis 46.8-27
Why all these genealogies of unbelieving peoples? Genesis 25.1-5