The Scriptorium
Jeremiah 49.23-27

Holy Treasury

January 21, 2021
It's right there. Dig in.
God hates treachery. Jeremiah 49.17-22
Edom's treachery brings God's wrath. Jeremiah 49.7-16
They cheered at Jerusalem's destruction. Bad idea. Jeremiah 46.1-12

A Complete End

January 17, 2021
For many nations, but not for God's people. Jeremiah 46-48
It gets worse. Jeremiah 48.18-47
God declares His wrath against Moab. Jeremiah 48.1-17
The Philistines' time had come. Jeremiah 47.1-7
God will not forsake His people. Jeremiah 46.27, 28
Egypt would fall to Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah 46.13-26
The final section of Jeremiah begins. Jeremiah 46.1-12
It comes in various guises. Jeremiah 43-45
Seek greatness, but not for yourself. Jeremiah 45.4, 5
He was discouraged, and God reached out to him. Jeremiah 45.1-3