The Scriptorium
Jesus claimed an identity all His hearers would have understood.
Jesus is the way in and out for full and abundant life.


July 24, 2017
Jesus leads us into His sheepfold.
Salvation is all of grace, and has powerful effects.
They asked a good question, and got a concise answer.
Jesus is sovereign in salvation.
Jesus brings the blind man to full healing.

Take That!

July 19, 2017
How much are you willing to take for the Gospel?
This healed blind man is example to us all.


July 17, 2017
This beggar amazes me.
Your testimony can be an effective tool for witness.
The man Jesus healed has had enough.

All I Know

July 14, 2017
There is power in personal testimony.
Talk about grasping at straws!
The seeing guys had it wrong, while the (formerly) blind man got it right.

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The Word of Life

The living Word of God brings life in Christ.

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