The Scriptorium
Paul's second epistle follows up on themes from his first.
This concise book is full of helpful instruction and exhortation.
Paul did a lot of writing. He must have believed a lot in reading.
Paul's Macedonian mission wraps up in Berea. 
Paul's method and message persuaded some and infuriated others.
New world, same old struggles.

Macedonian Call

December 10, 2018
A small band of disciples, an inauspicious beginning, a world turning upside-down.
Jesus brings us into the rest foreshadowed in the book of Joshua.

End of an Era

December 8, 2018
Joshua ends in deaths, burials, and uncertainty.
Israel's word to God bound them to obedience.
Joshua leads the people to carry out their commitment.
The people of Israel respond to Joshua's charge.
Your going to serve God or something else.
That Christian will have no Christian future who has no Christian past.
Joshua reminds, exhorts, and admonishes Israel. Good leadership, that.

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