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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.


Why must Christians pay more attention to history? How can understanding history enhance our faith and enlarge our vision of God? Vern Poythress answers these and many other questions about how to redeem history for the glory of God.

The Weight of Glory contains some of C. S. Lewis' most important and most enduring essays. It will challenge and enlarge your understanding of the faith and give you new insights into how to avoid the traps and snares of the world.

C. S. Lewis has a dream. A scary, wonderful dream. An amazingly beautiful and mysterious dream. Look closely enough and you'll see that we're all in it, too.

T. M. and Dr. Mike McQueen discuss the work of God in wooing and drawing people to Jesus, and bring their Conversations about The Engel Scale to a conclusion.

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Christians are called to make disciples as a way of life. What a high and holy calling and privilege this is. Dr. McQueen helps us understand our work, and that of the Christian community.

Salvation only begins with believing in Jesus. Beyond that, there's plenty of room to grow in the Good News of knowing the Lord.

God's redeeming grace works gradually in most people, and it's important we understand the stages people go through as they are coming to faith in Christ.

T. M. talks with Fellowship of Ailbe Board Chairman Charlie Hammett about A. W. Tozer's classic work, The Pursuit of God. Tozer emphasizes that Christianity is a relationship that finds us dwelling in the presence of God, and bringing that presence into all aspects of life.

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T. M. talks with Dr. Michael McQueen about the Christian's calling to be a witness for Christ. 

T. M. and Rev. Robert Lynn continue their Conversation about the state of the Church, looking at the formative role of worship in congregational life.

The local church is both sign and outpost of the Kingdom of God, sent by God to bring the refreshing grace and truth of Jesus to the world. Bob Lynn helps us to see how churches can realize more of this vision and calling.

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