T. M. and Rev. Robert Lynn continue their Conversation about the state of the Church, looking at the formative role of worship in congregational life.

The local church is both sign and outpost of the Kingdom of God, sent by God to bring the refreshing grace and truth of Jesus to the world. Bob Lynn helps us to see how churches can realize more of this vision and calling.

T. M. talks with theologian and pastor Rev. Robert Lynn about the Church's need to recover its missional vision and lifestyle. This is part 1 of a 5-part series of Conversations with Rev. Lynn.

T. M. concludes his Conversations with Philip R. Jackson, American still life painter, with a look at some ordinary, not-so-beautiful objects, that bristle with beauty and spiritual vitality. Watch the video, then download the meditation on Philip's painting, "Tulip and Berries."

A. W. Tozer's work The Knowledge of the Holy challenges us to think about and relate to God on His terms, not ours. The better we know God as He is, the richer will be our worship of Him, the fuller and more joyful our obedience, and the deeper and more unshakeable our love. This is the first of three Conversations on works of A. W. Tozer that can provide a footprint for our Christian worldview.

Purchase The Knowledge of the Holy here.

T. M. talks with Dr. Kent Miller, professor of management at Michigan State University, about the role of the Spirit in the workplace, and how Christians can redeem their work for Christ and His Kingdom. This Conversation is based on Dr. Miller's article, "Organizing with the Spirit," which appeared in the Spring, 2017, issue of Christian Scholar's Review. Read the entire article by clicking through to it here.

T. M. continues his Conversation with American artist Philip R. Jackson, focusing on the value of art as a focus of meditation and listening for the Lord. Watch the video, then download the Meditation on Philip's painting, "Follow the Leader."

Christian doctrine is neither dry, dusty, nor irrelevant, and John Calvin proves it in this little, indispensable handbook on Christian faith. T. M. and Charlie Hammett explore what it is that makes Instruction in Faith such a useful overview of Christian belief.

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We can find beauty and delight in even the most ordinary, everyday things. But we need to be willing to look. Artist Philip R. Jackson helps us do so by his still life paintings. Join T. M. as he talks with Philip about his work, then download the article and meditation below to learn more.

T. M. and Charlie Hammett discuss Lewis' polemic against a "too-narrow" Christianity, focusing on the glory of God and living life from His vantage point rather than ours.

Here's a link to order your copy of The Weight of Glory.

T. M. Moore and Charlie Hammett discuss C. S. Lewis' most philosophical book, The Abolition of Man. Listen in, and learn why this classic remains important today.

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T. M. and Charlie Hammett, board chairman of The Fellowship of Ailbe, begin a series of Conversations on great, accessible Christian books every thoughtful Christian should read. First up is C. S. Lewis' dream meditation, The Great Divorce.

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