Under the sun, life is a dead end. Really dead.
Politics is a great leveler.
Wealth and things will not bring the happiness we seek.
Our secular age finds no fulfillment here, either.
We can't live without them.
We know something about our unbelieving friends.
Our generation is not the first to try to live without God.
Bring it 'round to Jesus. Again and again.
We need to point this out to our unbelieving friends.
We need to examine our neighbor's beliefs.

Build a Bridge

November 9, 2017
We need to work at understanding the times.
Think they're not interested? Try 'em.

Why So Strange?

November 7, 2017
It should not surprise us that our neighbors think us strange.

Strange Truth

November 6, 2017
We must not be afraid to appear strange.


November 5, 2017
Make His glory known.

Today's ReVision

Living in an Open Grave

Under the sun, life is a dead end. Really dead.

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