There's a new King, and He's ruling over a worldwide symphony of renewal.
What are these strange creatures, and what do they mean?
Heaven is good because all heaven unites around the throne of God.
We should be making deposits in this treasure.
We cannot love as God loves apart from the Spirit of God.
The Spirit is sculpting you into the image of Jesus. Yeah, you.
The Spirit has His ways of working. We must learn and get with them.
Have we misunderstood the idea of ministry?

Holy Work

April 9, 2018
The Holy Spirit is God's promise to us for holy lives.
Unity is good, and the Spirit works for it.
The Holy Spirit shows us the goodness of God.
If we follow Jesus, we will love with God's love.
Our work is different, but our calling is the same.
We don't have to live chaotic lives.
In the harmony of Jesus' works and words we see the goodness of God.

Today's ReVision

Living toward the End

The Christian knows how it all ends, and is ready.

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