ReVision - Fellowship of Ailbe
There's more to reality than meets the eye.


May 17, 2019
Deny this unseen thing and you're in real trouble.

The Soul

May 15, 2019
The world denies it, but the soul is the center of the person.
Every worldview depends of faith in unseen things.
We could have no knowledge of God except for His revelation.
The Christian worldview expresses the grace of our sovereign God.
God rules everything He has made according to His will, power, and grace.
And He calls His people to be holy, too.
God is beyond time and all its vicissitudes.
God is One, but He exists in three Persons.

God is One

April 26, 2019
At the apogee of Christian worldview is God.
Here's a worldview you can grab on to.
All worldviews are religious. The Christian worldview is religious and spiritual.

For Life

April 19, 2019
The Christian worldview is neither narrow, private, nor merely personal. It's about life.
We're not saved by the Law, but we're not saved without it.