Our calling is to be faithful.
This really real calling is for us, now.

Really Real

September 25, 2017
Many Christians aren't living in reality. Not real reality.

Prowling Around

September 24, 2017
We must be ever vigilant.
Christians are not immune to its power.
The lie is from its father.
It blinds you to truth.
People want to be God, not serve Him.
It's about turning away from God.
Everyone lives on one or the other side of this watershed.

A Word of Hope

September 17, 2017
God's Word to the world is one of hope.

A Word of Command

September 16, 2017
The Gospel is a Word to obey.

A Word of Promise

September 15, 2017
God offers us Himself, in love.

A Word of Warning

September 14, 2017
God's Word is one of warning.
The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it. Get used to it.

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Harmony and Scripture

We resonate with harmony in cultural forms.

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