There's work to do, and we must be at it.
A harvest is coming, and we must prepare.
We understand the days are evil, and we know we must struggle.

So Much Evil

November 30, 2017
The Christian understands the evil of our times.

Seed and Sowers

November 29, 2017
What are your expectations in these secular times?
Christianity is not about you. It's about everything.

History Matters

November 27, 2017
Where history is concerned, ignorance is not bliss.
The religion of secularism is not a good place to stand.
The lingering fear of every secularist.

No Guarantees

November 24, 2017
The god of possessions can never deliver enough.
Conditions don't always pan out the way we'd hoped.
Self needs happiness to be at peace. 

The God of Self

November 21, 2017
We have met our deity, and he is us.
Secularism is as much a religion as Christianity.
Under the sun, life is a dead end. Really dead.

Today's ReVision

A Heritage of Creativity

We must not neglect our heritage.

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