ReVision - Fellowship of Ailbe

Amazing Grace

November 1, 2019
How sweet the sound!

Marvelous Grace

October 30, 2019
Truly something to marvel at.
Wonderful and matchless and free!
More grace is available, if only we will seek it.
It's a long journey. We'll need lots of grace.
We're called to it, but we won't be able to do it without grace.
We don't have to let the devil get us down.

Grace to Serve

October 16, 2019
We're not inclined to it, so we'll need grace if we're going to do it.
Our salvation is so great, that we need grace for every phase of it.

Grace to Be

October 11, 2019
Without it, we would not exist.
Let's catch up a bit.
It's the Giver, not the gifts, that matter most.
We are God's agents of grace to the world.
All the grace we'll ever need is ready to hand.

Words and Deeds

September 27, 2019
Here's where faith and love come to expression.