It guides us to love, and it helps us restrain evil.
Here is another reason why there isn't more evil.
How have Christians managed to be so influential?
Salt, light, leaven - agents of change. That's who we are.
Millions of people do good as a way of life.
The devil's in the details. But God manages the details.
The question is, Why not more?
The Law of God is rich with principles to guide us for love.

On Debt

December 30, 2017
God's Law has wisdom for us even here.

Two Trials (4)

December 30, 2017
Pilate's trial ends, Jesus' trial ramps up.
It's all the Lord's, and we are His.
The Law of God shows the way to honesty, trust, and justice.
In an economy of love, everyone can have a job.
Sometimes it's good to borrow.
There's more than one way to manage an economy.

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