We need the Body, and the Body needs us.
Our strength is the strength to be like Jesus.

Inward First

October 25, 2017
The Christian's strength begins in the soul.
The Christian's strength comes from the Spirit's power.
It's one of the most frequent exhortations in Scripture.
Word, prayer, faith, obedience. That'll get you there.
You can only get there via the fear of God.
How does God know that we fear Him?
Hate is not necessarily a four-letter word.
They who delight in God's Law fear the Lord.
Fear God, know His pleasure. What could be more clear?
Yeah. It's not an option.
We are in the light, but there's more light to come.
Here, here, and here - darkness.
We want Christ's light to pass through us.

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Harmony and Scripture

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