Frequently Asked Questions

Besides this website, what else does The Fellowship do?
The Members of The Fellowship serve the larger Christian community through prayer, teaching, mentoring, and resources for growth and ministry.

How does one become a Member of The Ailbe Community?
Register for our newsletters, Crosfigell and Voices Together. Begin learning about our values, views, and resources. From time to time you will be invited to make a commitment to The Fellowship by becoming a Member of The Ailbe Community (see above). All you have to do is indicate by email response your desire to participate in The Fellowship in this way.

How is The Fellowship supported?
The Fellowship does not charge for services – downloads, teaching, mentoring, online courses, and so forth. We ask people to pay for books ordered from our online bookstore, and we depend on the Lord to move those we serve to share with us from the resources He has provided for them.

Is being a Member of The Fellowship a full-time calling?
While it can be, most of our Members are actively engaged in ministry in local churches or other kinds of Christian ministry.

What is the doctrinal position of The Fellowship?
The Board and Members of The Fellowship subscribe the historic doctrinal confessions of the Church, as these are represented in and consistent with The Nicene Creed.

Whom can I contact for more information?
Write to T. M. Moore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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