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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

ReVision Studies

We live in changing times. The secular worldview, which has held sway in our society for more than a hundred years, is failing to deliver on its promises. Many people are beginning to look elsewhere for meaning and truth, and some are even beginning to “look up.”

As followers of Christ, we need to be ready with a lively faith and a living hope. As we take up anew our calling to be witnesses for Christ, we can expect to be peppered with questions about what it means to be a Christian.

This Guidebook is designed to help us be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within us by reviewing essential Christian doctrines and shoring-up the Biblical foundations of each. Our goal is to lead you into the Word of God so that you can gain a clearer and more lively understanding of what we as Christian believe.

Culture is essential for human flourishing. Which is a good thing, because culture is also unavoidable. We can get away from it and we can’t do without it.

But what is it? Defining culture would seem to be the logical place to begin in articulating a Christian approach to culture. If we don’t know what it is, we won’t recognize when we see it, and we will be less likely to use it as God intends.

What does the Bible teach about our role in helping government be a servant of God for good? This series explores that question from the perspective of God's Law.

The Kingdom is real and it is now. And we are called to realize its presence.

Our generation’s cynicism, even skepticism, about truth has become so much a part of the spirit of the times that we give but little thought to the damage this can wreak on society and culture.

We live in a world of lies, half-truths, and outright deceit concerning some of the most important matters people can consider. Even in the Church, the tendency to try to “improve” on God’s truth, or to force God’s truth into the frail glass slipper of our preferred ways of thinking, is in many ways gaining ground.

Only those who stand firm under the truth of God will have the discernment, wisdom, and grace needed to help our world find its way out of darkness and unbelief into light and life in Jesus Christ. But this will only be the case as we resolve to let God be true with respect to all matters on which He speaks, and to regard alternative opinions as unreliable.

The Truth that Makes Us Free looks at the big questions that every human being needs to confront, and it urges us to do so from under the cope of divine revelation in Scripture. Only as we stand under the Word of God will be able to rise above the lies of our day and live fully and fruitfully within the light of truth.

Light is a powerful image for representing Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. Jesus identified Himself as the Light of the world. In His Kingdom, all who believe in Him walk in the light as He is in the light.

But what does this mean? What are the effects of it? How does this happen? And what does it mean for us to refract rather than merely reflect the light of Christ into our world?

The soul is the starting point for improving our walk with and work for the Lord. All that we are begins from within us, where our heart, mind, and conscience work together to make us the people we are. If we ignore our soul, or fail to understand its operations, we will be subject to whatever winds of doctrine might fill the sails of our soul at any time.

We want to have strong souls, like the souls of those first believers in the book of Acts. This series will help us to realize more of the presence, promise, and power of God’s Kingdom as they did, so that we may turn our world right-side up for Jesus.

I want to insist that following Jesus is first of all a matter of the soul – heart, mind, and conscience. Unless we are inwardly devoted to Jesus, focused on Him, and committed to knowing and growing in Him, and doing His will, no amount of external involvements will make us true disciples.

Everyone needs encouragement. Just as important, every believer is called to encourage others. But what is encouragement? What does it accomplish? How does being encouraged affect us? How can we become better and more consistent at encouraging others?

These are the questions we’ll be exploring in the ReVision series entitled, “Encouragement.” We begin by looking a two really great encouragers at work, and then briefly examining the work of the great Encourager.

I don’t know of any place in Scripture that so concisely outlines the salvation we have in Jesus Christ as 2 Timothy 1.12 and the surrounding texts.

Here Paul shows us that faith entails action. It’s not just some form of intellectual assent – nodding agreement to doctrinal truths. Salvation engages us in every aspect of our lives, so that we take up a journey into Christlikeness day by day.

The Christian’s highest calling and privilege is to know Jesus Christ. To know Jesus is to know God the Father, and thus to know eternal life in Him.

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