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Celtic Christians had a strong view of Jesus, as T. M. explains in this brief video.


What's the state of your Christian worldview? The Personal Discipleship Inventory is a self-assessment tool that can help you get your bearings against the vision of Christ and His Kingdom, the disciplines of the life of faith, and the outcomes God intends for our Kingdom-and-glory calling. Watch the video, then download the Personal Discipleship Inventory, and get started toward some new horizons of Christian growth.

Each of us has been sent like Jesus into a particular place and time, to reach a particular people in a particular culture. This little tool can help you identify the Lord’s calling for your life, and show you how to begin working your Personal Mission Field day by day.

God is seeking men who are earnest about seeking Him in prayer. He promises great blessings to us if we will heed His call and take up the work of prayer with greater consistency and power. Our booklet, If Men Will Pray, can lead you through 30 days of prayer to a richer, fuller, more powerful and more satisfying life of prayer. Watch this brief video, then order your copy of If Men Will Pray.

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Around the Throne

Heaven is good because all heaven unites around the throne of God.

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