The Ailbe Podcast

T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon talk with Fellowship of Ailbe brother and Anglican deacon David Sincerbox about the significance of the Christian calendar and how observing the seasons of the church year is an aid to growth both as disciples of Jesus and in understanding the Gospel.

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Dr. Glenn Sunshine returns to talk with T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon about the proactive role that Christians need to take in this era when Christian faith is being marginalized and the social and political worldview in our nation is opposed to a Judeo-Christian worldview.

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T.M. Moore and Rusty Rabon chat with writer and illustrator Bruce Van Patter about ways to experience God in the world around us. Author of the Fellowship of Ailbe column, 8:18, Bruce shares how to take what he calls an Awareness Walk.

On this edition of the Ailbe Podcast with T. M. Moore, social scientist Dr. Glenn Sunshine examines the causes for the current contentious state of American politics, as well as the growing divide in the country over moral issues such as abortion, racism, marriage, and sexuality. He also leads us in a "Prayer for America" that he penned recently.

T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon are joined by Dr. Stan Gale to discuss what it means to live in union with Jesus Christ, and why knowing the truth as taught in Scripture is essential to living the Christian life.

T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon are joined by Dean Stinchfield to discuss Dean's ministry called "Men of the Kingdom" and why the discipleship of men - especially young men - is so important.

T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon discuss the beginnings of the Fellowship of Ailbe, the theological and philosophical foundation of the Fellowship, and the ministry that the Fellowship has in and through the men - the "brothers" - who make up its membership.

We invite you to join us for the Ailbe Podcast, where T. M. Moore and Rusty Rabon, along with other guests, will explore what it means to live in the Kingdom of God.

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