This is not the time and place for this kind of lecture.
He thinks this must be punishment for some specific sin.
Job raises the questions we all have about tragedies.
They do the key thing real friends would do – show up.

Job 2:9-10

July 17, 2017
Job's wife's pain is more than she can handle.

Job 2:1-8

July 14, 2017
Satan's written off.

Job 1:20-22

July 13, 2017
Job stays righteous.

Job 1:13-19

July 12, 2017
Job takes a hit.

Job 1:9-12

July 11, 2017
Satan gets a green light.

Job 1:1-8

July 10, 2017
God manipulates Satan.
The ending is what troubles people.

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The Law is the way into the promises.

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