or something like that.
is something you can't unsee.

Who done it?

August 19, 2019
God is always the first cause.
can get brutal.


August 15, 2019
Not Happy.


August 14, 2019
isn't all that powerful.

Hard Hearts

August 13, 2019
are hard to get through to.


August 12, 2019
often skip generations.
can cause problems.
can be a great teacher.
That's obvious to us, but not to Pharaoh.

God's Timing

August 6, 2019
can be irritating.

Lesson One

August 5, 2019
Take my commandments seriously.

Life is Tough

August 2, 2019
It's tougher if you expect it to be easy.


August 1, 2019
Sometimes, it takes a nudge.

Today's ReVision

Not Mere Good Feeling

If feeling good is what you're after, you'd better take another look at your faith.

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