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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.


August 25, 2022
Now that I've got your attention ...
Shaking off the rot in our culture.

The Pendulum

August 23, 2022
Our never ending battle.

Sleep Loose

August 22, 2022
or don't sleep at all.
Its the only way to be sure

A Torrent

August 19, 2022
of God's wrath.


August 18, 2022
to do.
is sometimes all we need.


August 16, 2022
make a difference.


August 15, 2022
can't be compartmentalized.
Charges the fool with his prideful speech

LORD Willin'

August 12, 2022
and the weather cooperates.


August 11, 2022
You will not get the glory.
confronting us with God's style.
or both?

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