Being clumsy has its advantages.
Being shrewd as snakes sometimes takes planning.
There is danger in getting too excited by answered prayer.
Should be remembered.
Great lessons are meant to be transmitted.

Bold Prayer

February 27, 2019
Is a great way to seek God's will.

A Clear Calling

February 26, 2019
Often goes hand in hand with faith.
While being gentle as doves.
We're all ambassadors.

Letting Go

February 20, 2019
Faith can be against all our instincts.
Some miracles are in the background.

The Big Test

February 18, 2019
can be in your head.

Enduring Trials

February 15, 2019
God's mercy comes in unexpected ways.


February 14, 2019
is the foundation of civilization.

Today's ReVision

It's All Grace. Right?

Yes, but we need to make sure we know what we mean.

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