Secular Wisdom

January 8, 2019
is of limited use.

Serve the Lord

January 7, 2019
Success isn't the objective.

Great Faith

January 3, 2019
Faith is trust. Trust leads to action.
Generational gaps can be the key.
can mean ignoring lots of interesting things.
is fighting humility.

Who Begat Whom

December 28, 2018
Genealogies can skip generations.

Was He Famous?

December 27, 2018
Or infamous?

A Strange Curse

December 26, 2018
with a strange consequence.
Lots of folks learn this the hard way.

A Beautiful Gift

December 24, 2018
Sometimes, God asks absolutely nothing in return.
is the right response to deliverance.
is within our reach.

Great Trials

December 19, 2018
lead to great faith.

Today's ReVision


Next in order of the works of God is judgment.

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