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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Worship Guides

Here are worship guides to use in home or small groups, seeking the Lord together in prayer, singing, testimonies, and the ministry of the Word.

The view from here is awesome - Jesus, filling the world with Himself, through the likes of you and me.

Our unseen, heavenly vision plays out in daily obedience and love.

Paul prayed that we might know the resurrection power of Jesus. Here's how we can.

We have an inheritance, and it is unbelievably glorious!

We are called to the Kingdom of God, and to His glory.

From where we sit with Jesus, we should be well acquainted with His glory.

Are you living life from the right vantage point? Do you see your life as Jesus does? Do you see Jesus as He intends you should? Here is part 1 of a series on "The View from Here."

Prayer is the defining Christian practice. No wonder Jesus said we should pray always.

God’s grace comes to us in Jesus, and His Spirit graciously works to make us like Him.

We are called to set our minds on Jesus. What does that entail? What does it promise?

We have received the gift of a great salvation, and the Spirit of God to help us increase in it day by day.

The grace of God reaches people through us, but we need to prepare well for this to happen.

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