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Because everything isn't reducible to numbers.


Our tastes are active, but compromised.


Why does the scientific community shy away from scrutiny?


Science has become the religion of our society.


They want their children back.


We need everyday beauty to make us beautiful people.


God is still in charge, and the Gospel is still the truth.

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Auden was wrong: Poetry can accomplish much.


Richard B. Hays' book on the gospels is well worth reading.


Lessons on death and dying from the Civil War.


In seeing beauty, we see Him Who is Beauty.


Umberto Eco's On the Shoulders of Giants


This should be on your reading list for this year.


Andy Le Peau knows whereof he writes.

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We have to question further than we are.


God seeks ever to draw us into His glory and pleasure.


He isn't little, either.


There's spiritual nourishment in this OT "chaff."


The Christian life is a walk, not a leap.


It's not behind the rabbit; it is the rabbit!


Edwards calls us to improve our vision of Christ.

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The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. Best source for sound Biblical and theological studies and reviews of newest theology books and commentaries. Quarterly.

Discusses the various ways Christianity plays out in social and cultural arenas for restoration and renewal. Comment is issued quarterly.

Excellent source for keeping up with Christian work and interpretation in the field of the arts. Image is published quarterly.

Christian Scholar’s Review
Quarterly journal featuring in-depth examinations of Christian worldview topics. CSR is an excellent source of reviews for new books on worldview issues.

The Hedgehog Review
Quarterly from the University of Virginia containing articles, reviews, and conversations on issues of contemporary culture and society. While not specifically Christian, Hedgehog Review features many fine Christian writers and thinkers.

A quarterly journal offering Christian insights to a wide range of social, cultural, and spiritual concerns. Sign up for their email or subscribe for the print journal.

Websites, Podcasts, Apps

Arts & Letters Daily
An excellent source for following contemporary thought and culture.

The Society of Classical Poets
Poetry the way you remember and prefer it.

The Exchange
Ed Stetzer’s always helpful insights on the life of faith.

Daily Dose of Hebrew/Greek
Keep your language skills sharp with these brief daily videos.

The Denison Forum
Jim Denison offers daily insights to contemporary issues and concerns from a Biblical perspective. Visit The Denison Forum and sign-up for his daily letter.

The Institute for Faith and Freedom
The Institute for Faith and Freedom is sponsored by Grove City College and offers helpful perspectives from within a Biblical worldview concerning matters of contemporary faith and life.

Biglife brings disciple-making to life, household by household, church by church

Trinity House
Turn your home into a little piece of heaven.

Blue Heron Ministries
Keep up with Christians who are serious about loving God's creation as He does.

Men At Prayer

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