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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Delivered from the Law?

We need to be clear about this.

The Things of the Spirit

Paul on the Spirit in Romans 8 (3)

Perseverance While Waiting

They go together.

The Spirit Who Leads Us

Paul on the Spirit in Romans 8 (2)


Scripture's positive take.

The Spirit of Life

Paul on the Spirit in Romans 8 (1)

A Heart to Know

Here's an important way to help the people we serve.

Grace, not Law

Not under Law?

Through the Fog Clearly

On seeing what we cannot see.

Fuel for the Fire

Social media raises the heat, but in the wrong way.

Which Spirit?

Choose the right one.

To Shape and To Fill

God's continuing work - and ours.

Psalm 105 for Singing

Sing to your heart's delight!

Recapturing Our Mission

God has called us to conciliate the world.

To See the Lord with Us

It can and should happen.

On Knowing Jesus in His Full Glory

The Omniscience of God's Love (Part 2)

What I'm Learning about Revival

Are we seeing the first stirrings of a great awakening?

The Omniscience of God's Love (Part 1)

Resting in the logic beyond logic.

Change in Our Relationship to the Law

Paul on the Spirit in Romans (4)

Daily Renewal

2 Corinthians 4.18

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