Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Rights? Or Privileges?

The apostles knew the difference. Do we?

Fixed on the Kingdom?

We need the early Church's vision.

The Advent Gospel

It's more than we typically think.

The Church's Vision

Begins with seeing Jesus.

Are We Seeking What We Should?

That is, what Paul instructs us to seek?

What is God saying to us?

Let's not hurry to get back to "normal."

Seeing Whom We Cannot See

We can see Jesus, but now with our eyes.

We Are Elijah and John

Like them, we are preparing the world for Jesus.

Should We Read the Pagans?

God's common grace says, "Yes."

Aim for the Soul

Change occurs inside-out. Aim for the soul.

Some Thoughts on the Church Calendar

God is the Lord of all time.

Learning Jesus Day by Day

Every disciple is a learner.

Looking to Jesus

Timeless wisdom from an ancient source.

Asking the Right Questions

We have to question further than we are.

A Pandemic Checklist

Looking for ways to connect? Rusty Rabon has some suggestions.

Theology in a Cup of Coffee

God seeks ever to draw us into His glory and pleasure.

Called to Make Peace

Where are the peacemakers?

God is Not Big

He isn't little, either.

A Prayer for America

Glenn Sunshine leads us in prayer for our nation.

Calling All Gleaners

There's spiritual nourishment in this OT "chaff."

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