Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Brush Up Your Hebrew Poetry

And have an exciting time doing so.

The Power of Poetry

Auden was wrong: Poetry can accomplish much.

A Christian Vision for the Arts

And for culture, too.

To Read Better, Read Backwards

Richard B. Hays' book on the gospels is well worth reading.

Scripture and Poetry

David Lyle Jeffrey's valuable book is worth your time.

Death and Dying in Pandemic Times

Lessons on death and dying from the Civil War.

The Unity of All Knowledge

Bonaventure gives us a glimpse into the medieval mind.

For Beauty

In seeing beauty, we see Him Who is Beauty.

Being Alone with God

Addison Hodges Hart, The Yoke of Jesus.

Eco Shrugs

Umberto Eco's On the Shoulders of Giants

Another Classic Must-Read

Here is sound advice for growing healthy Kingdom communities.

Seeing God

This should be on your reading list for this year.

Two Lewis Classics

If you've read them, read them again.

Write, and Write Better

Andy Le Peau knows whereof he writes.

Is Your Theology Sufficiently Poetic?

William Dyrness explains why it should be.

God-Sized Vision or Merely Status Quo?

Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge challenge our vision of God.

Causes of Unbelief

Alec Ryrie takes another look.

Time to Re-examine

Francis Chan thinks we need to take a serious look at how we do church.

Creation and Redemption and Creation

Can a so-so book be important? It can.

Against Narrowness and Specialization!

We need more polymaths in all kinds of fields, including the ministry.

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