Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

For Want of a Christian Worldview

Why does so much of the world act like swine?

Dedicate Your World, Make Some Beauty

Andrew Peterson challenges us to be more creative.

An Early Celtic University

Llanilltud in Wales played a significant role in the Celtic Revival.

Creation Care

Stewards of Eden would be a great book for a church to read together.

A Little New Year's Berry

To challenge your thinking as the New Year begins.

In Everything, All the Time

Thanksgiving is a reliable hallmark of maturity in the Lord.

"City on a Hill"?

Here's a fascinating history of a badly misused idea.

A Wisdom Cuisine

What and how to "eat" for wisdom.

Learn to Read All over Again

And discover why you should.

Herman Bavinck on Christian Worldview

A worldview blast from the past.

The Key to Revelation

Stan Gale, Re: Velation (Reformation Heritage Books, 2021).

Concerning the Fear of God

And why we need to nurture it.

How Do You See Jesus?

Dane Ortlund has some suggestions.

The New Creation

Here's a must-read for all Bible teachers.

Absent, but Close at Hand

Is Jesus exalted in glory or with us always? Yes.

Seeing Jesus, Seeing You

The Vision of God is still powerful

What's in a Name?

A wonder of insights to God.

Reading While Black

A Wheaton professor helps us sort out a difficult social issue.

The Vision of Christ

John Owen's Christologia is a worthwhile read.

Brush Up Your Hebrew Poetry

And have an exciting time doing so.

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