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Thinking Biblically

At the Post-Covid Church Podcast

It’s no secret that the Bible carries less authority in the country—-and the church—-than ever before. 

What is even more disturbing is how few Bible-believing Christians have a firm grasp of what the Bible says, means, and demands. 

For example, a Barna survey showed that one out of three Christians who believe the Bible is totally accurate in all its principals also believe the Koran, Book of Mormon, and the Bible teach the same truth simultaneously. 

Or how about these mind-blowing statistics: A recent Arizona Christian University survey found that almost half of those attending evangelical churches believe that salvation is earned by being good enough, or doing good works. Almost as many believe Jesus sinned while on earth!

What has happened? The culture’s prominent worldviews have not just seeped into the church, but have overwhelmed the members. Pastors and lay leaders must make it a priority that followers of Christ don’t simply say what they believe, but also hold a Christian worldview.  hat is, make sure that they view all of life through the lens of their biblically based faith.

On this episode of The Post Covid Church Podcast:What Now?, you’ll hear from three lay leaders from various areas who all were trained in the Christian worldview.  They’ll share what having a Christian worldview means in their lives, how it helps make sense of all that is going on around them and also what they’ve learned from the pandemic shutdown that serve as lessons for all us all. 

Listen at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. 



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