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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Breaking Out of Here and Now

Alan Noble calls us to seek the then-and-there Kingdom, here and now.

A Book for All Ages

J. I. Packer’s thoughts on growing old are for every believer.

To Arrest the Lie

Marilynne Robinson’s campaign for truth in history.

Light in All That Darkness

The Middle Ages weren’t as dark as we think.

A Passion for Ultimate Things

Czeslaw Milosz on the power of worldviews.

Stand Firm, Walk in the Spirit

Two proven resources to help you in making disciples.

Changing the World by Words

Denis Diderot understood their power.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Ian K. Smith calls for a bigger view of the Gospel.

More Resources for Beauty

Christians can show the way to beauty in an increasingly ugly world.

Ideas that Made America

A survey of America’s thought-life demonstrates our nation’s drift from Biblical moorings.

A Voice for Beauty

Roger Scruton knows it when he sees it.

Engaging Creation

John Carey explains the role of creation for Celtic Christians.

Learning Beauty from Creation

Christian artists can show us how.

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