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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Advice for Creators

Creativity is a uniquely human attribute, reflecting the nature and purposes of God.

The process of human creativity offers a glimpse into the mystery of the divine Trinity. And vice-versa. 

This is the essence of Dorothy Sayers’ argument in her book, The Mind of the Maker. All humans are creative, and while she focuses on those who work in the world of literary creativity, her observations apply to all, and should be especially interesting and helpful to those who are called to the ministry of the Word

The process of human creativity reflects the divine Trinity in that is consists of three parts: The Idea (Father), The Energy (incarnation of The Idea, or the Son), and The Power (reflection of The Idea to others, and back to the creator). The Idea is the starting-point, but it necessarily engages both The Energy – in order to think The Idea through to completion – and The Power – by anticipating the expected impact of the projected work.

The key to effective creativity is to understand each of these three components and master the skills and techniques each requires. The danger, for creative people – including preachers, teachers, and writers – is of losing balance between the three, over-emphasizing one or two components of the process at the expense of an integrated whole.

The insights Dorothy Sayers provides in this book can help improve every aspect of our work. At the same time, the more we grow to know and love God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the more our creative efforts will reflect His glory and purpose. Human creativity is both a witness to the Trinity and a student of its nature and designs.

Reading Dorothy Sayers’ book can help all creators to improve their work, and to delight in it and in God the Creator more deeply and consistently.

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