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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Letting God Lead

As opposed to trying to lead Him.

The church is made up of folks with a wide variety of skill sets and backgrounds. How often are the “talents in the pews” effectively deployed to make disciples? How often are members taught, developed and encouraged to live out their lives with a focus on serving Christ within their personal mission fields? The situation of the Post Covid Church is proof that creative thinking is needed right now to help the Body more effectively engage the lost and hurting within your town.

The facts are unfortunately far too clear: There are fewer church members now than before the pandemic. The slide crosses even the older demographics yet the need—-based on the exploding number of mental health issues—-has never been greater.  How can the Post Covid Church more effectively lean in?  Well, leadership is key.  And one of the guests on the latest What Now? The Post Covid Church Podcast advocates throwing out all long term planning—-and those Saturday clean-up days as well! 

Dr. Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University, a Christian school in Jackson, MS, decided that trying to plan what will come five years from now is a waste of time and talent.  Instead, he and his team focus on being prepared to catch what God was doing.  The process is outlined in his latest book, Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results.  In this podcast,  Dr. Parrott explains how such thinking can revolutionize your church. 

One of the key themes of  my book The Post Covid Church: An Action Plan to Thrive Not Just Survive is the need for the laity’s talents to be better utilized.  Roger Parrott’s ideas are powerful examples of how the church can do just that.  The first step:  being willing to change your leadership approach.  

Stuart Kellogg is a member of the Fellowship and produces What Now? The Post Covid Podcast.  His book, The Post Covid Church: An Action Plan to Thrive Not Just Survive is available from 

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