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Building Bridges Not Castles

Time for a priorities check.

“Go and make disciples.”

So said Christ, though so many churches focus on spending their members’ money on updated carpets, new paint jobs, and repaved parking lots.

As though the newest generation of those outside the faith will pop in, be impressed with the decorating and sign up to follow Jesus.

Since making disciples was Christ’s command, would it not make sense that every dollar spent, every project planned and every course taught helped fulfill that great commission?

Dr. Ron Tyler was a successful information technology programmer and analyst when the Lord told Ron He had other plans for the Tyler family. So, Ron quit his job, he his wife Belinda sold their new house, and off he went to seminary. After pastoring three churches, where he and his team successfully implemented Evangelism Explosion, he and his family were off to Africa to
lead EE on the continent.

On this podcast, learn what the author of You Want Me to Do What?! can teach pastors and the laity about putting God first while building bridges to the lost.

Hear too from a church leader who says the evangelical church and its members are far too content to share the Gospel and stop there. "Building Bridges Not Castles" will make you re-think the priorities for your church and your life.

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