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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Men Being Men

Are we reaching the men of the Church for the Kingdom of God?

Those in church leadership are well aware that there is a man problem. 

Pew Research, for example, shows that women are much more likely to read their Bible, attend church and say that the Christian faith is important to them.  Not that churches aren’t trying to get men more involved. The problem is, most men’s ministries are not focused on intense, intentional mentoring and discipleship. 

That’s why Fellowship member Dean Stinchfield started “Men of the Kingdom”.  The project’s mission: Glorifying God by advancing the Kingdom through equipping and encouraging the next generation of moral leaders in the church.

On this podcast, learn what made this super successful sales leader turn to Christ and how he’s used his business skills to launch the initiative. 

Also, hear from two men who are taking what they’ve learned into their Personal Mission Field.  Getting more men more involved is critical if The Post Covid Church is to have a growing impact on our culture.  There is, however, no quick fix.  Listen for ideas that can make a difference where you worship. 

Listen to What Now: The Post Covid Church Podcast:


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