Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

The Disciplined Life

Are Christians as disciplined as we should be?

Growth and Conversion

Two processes contribute to our being transformed.

Called to Suffer

Jesus promised it, Paul said it’s a gift of God, and we ought to welcome and grow through it.

Beauty in Everyday Situations and Things

But we need to learn how to see it.

Creation, Beauty, Science, Art

Can these all work together fruitfully?

A Beautiful World

We need a Nobel laureate to tell us this?

Works without Faith

Positive psychology excites a desire for happiness. But can it deliver?

Can We Get Back to Faith?

Christianity alone can stop the unraveling of our society.

Are You Thinking Generationally?

If so, you may be doing the world a disservice.

Immigration and the Spread of Christianity

Another reason we should care about the plight of strangers and sojourners.

Organizing with the Spirit

We need to make sure we’re doing our work God’s way.

Christians in the Middle East

Persecution continues. Pray.

What's Your Dominant Narrative?

Everything else is determined by this.

The Church and Social Issues

Three free resources for your church.

They All Know

And some are beginning to admit it.

Christians and Culture

What are we supposed to do about culture?

When Parenting Fails, Go to the Ants

Parents need somewhere other than government to turn.

The Pastoral Brain?

The Pastoral Brain?

Are we hardwired for country living?

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