Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Playing at Work, Working to Play

We must not separate these two eschatological disciplines.

The Church and the Humanities

Can we recover a lost focus of learning?

Identity as Network

We are more than one identity only.

Art and the Soul

We're made for it, as even science shows us.

Poetry as Top Soil

Good ground for good language.

Some Christian Sense on Immigration

Dennis P. Hollinger offers clear thinking and Biblical hope.

Imagination and Why It Matters

We need a Christian view of the discipline of imagination.

Awe is Good for You

And that means creational theology is good for you.

A Hell of Our Own Making

Social media and the self. Made for each other.

Enhance Your Prayer Life

Pray the Psalms.

Still Amusing Ourselves to Death

Neil Postman revisited.

On Freedom of Speech

Martha Bayles, “Taming the Furies,” The Hedgehog Review, Fall 2020.

Central Themes of Biblical Theology

Trent A. Rogers reminds us that Scripture has one Author.

Read More Good Books

It's good for you. Really.

Captive to Culture

Philip S. Gorski outlines our decline into captivity.

The Voice of Scientism

Richard Dawkins is agitated.

No Place for the Church?

Can cities be renewed without the Church?

Climate Change

Real, but not as urgent as you might think.

Science, Evidence, and Truth

Science wants evidence. We should provide it.

Lessons from Cave Art

Why does art have to be an afterthought?

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