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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

A Christian Response to Conspiracy Rumors

It comes down to our view of God.

Healing Public Discourse

Here is a great opportunity for believers.

Help for the Suffering

What the sufferer really needs.

Poetry. Who Needs It?

Turns out, Christians do.

The Task of Preaching

Lead Christians to claim their heritage.

Why You Might Write

There are many reasons, and many of them are good.

The Sacramental Potential of a Home

It takes holy people, though.

The Shaping Power of Culture

Especially incoherent culture.

How Cultures Change

It doesn't just happen.

Art and Thinking

Art can affect the way we think.

Recovering Our Culture

Seeking true renewal in Christ.

Life is Meant for Giving

Just as Jesus did.

Daniel's 70 Weeks Explained

Convincingly, too.

Why Should We Read the Classics?

Well, because they're classics?

Moral Realism in an Age of Idolatry

Paul's age and ours.

On Tribalism

What it is, how it works, what it wants.

The Use of Christian Poetry

Wonder and care.

The State of Evangelical Scholarship

Good, but not good enough.

Art, Science, Faith, Community

All together, these can work glory.

Introduction to Wendell Berry

If you don't know him, you should.

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