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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

A Mission of Truth?

Can poetry be a vehicle for truth?

No Shortcuts to Learning

Don’t let the brain-gain gimmicks mislead you into disappointment.

Culture High

Christians should not subsist on pop culture alone.

The Writings of John and the Integrity of Scripture

John’s works are strategically placed in the New Testament.

Environment and Mental Health

Do we all just need a change of scenery?

The Power of Imagination and Vision

Every believer needs to nurture these faculties.

Depressed is the New Happy?

Certain psychologists suggest we should give up the pursuit of happiness.

A Most Helpful Look at the Book of Acts

Or, why we need good Biblical scholarship.

Love the Art?

Without having to love the artist?

The Disciplined Life

Are Christians as disciplined as we should be?

Sunset for Sunday School?

Is it good-bye and good riddance for a venerable institution?

Called to Suffer

Jesus promised it, Paul said it’s a gift of God, and we ought to welcome and grow through it.

Why Church Membership Matters

C. S. Lewis reminds us.

Creation, Beauty, Science, Art

Can these all work together fruitfully?

The Challenge to Christian Education

Our forebears in the faith can help us make the most of a bad situation.

Works without Faith

Positive psychology excites a desire for happiness. But can it deliver?

The Power of Silence

We all need more of it.

Are You Thinking Generationally?

If so, you may be doing the world a disservice.

Learning Spiritual Life from the Past

What can our forebears in the faith teach us?

Organizing with the Spirit

We need to make sure we’re doing our work God’s way.

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