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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Shaping How We Think about History

Christians cannot afford to be ignorant of history.

An Aesthetics of Gimmicks

Our tastes are active, but compromised.

A Turning Point

Mark Noll issues a call for reassessment.

Above Scrutiny?

Why does the scientific community shy away from scrutiny?

The Standard of Righteousness

Where do we look?

Secular Shamans

Science has become the religion of our society.

Shame on Us?

We have a love/hate relationship with shame.

Homeschooling Threat

They want their children back.

A Vision of Hope

Black Christians can lead us to a better future.

Beauty All Around

We need everyday beauty to make us beautiful people.

Write to Be Read

It's no wonder few people read philosophy. Or theology.

Sing the Providence of God

God is still in charge, and the Gospel is still the truth.

The Problem of Corruption in China

Could this be a door of opportunity for Christians?

How - and What - Do We Know?

N. T. Wright challenges the secular epistemology.

St. John Paul the Great

George Weigel reminds us of His achievement.

Kuyper on Technology

What's a 19th century theologian have to teach us?

No Permission Required

Baptists will be Baptists whether or not we agree.

The Church Captive?

Have we lost our distinctive presence and contribution to society?

Numbers Aren't Everything

Because everything isn't reducible to numbers.

Music and Social Order

Music can teach us how to live in peace together.

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