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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Recovering Our Culture

Seeking true renewal in Christ.

"The recovery of the culture of the people of God will make us look profoundly different from our neighbors. In a post-Christian society, all faithful people will begin to look a little Amish. But we must remember that we are always against the world for the world. This is not a call to retreat, but a call to faithful public witness."

So writes Ken Myers in his important article, "Ruler Over All" in the July/August 2023 issue of Touchstone. Myers digs up the roots of our secular tares and encourages us to see that they are too shallow and shriveled to support real life. What we need is a renewal of Christian life and culture, beginning in and pervading all the most quotidian arenas of our lives.

Myers' essay has depth and scope, drawing on writers from various disciplines to explain our current state and reveal the underlying sense of its inevitable collapse. He writes not to bring us to a sense of despair but to renew our hope in the power of the Gospel for making all things new. Myers outlines what we in the churches must do to break free of our secular and materialistic bondage and rediscover the reality of life in the Kingdom of God.

For this to occur, we need true spiritual revival to sweep through our churches, renewing our vision of Christ, our hope and courage, and our mission to make disciples and build the Church as Jesus and Paul did.

Myers' call to renewed faithful public witness is a message all church leaders need to hear and pass along.

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