A Clear Calling

February 26, 2019
Often goes hand in hand with faith.
While being gentle as doves.
We're all ambassadors.

Letting Go

February 20, 2019
Faith can be against all our instincts.
Some miracles are in the background.

The Big Test

February 18, 2019
can be in your head.

Enduring Trials

February 15, 2019
God's mercy comes in unexpected ways.


February 14, 2019
is the foundation of civilization.
You'd think that some things would be unforgettable.


February 12, 2019
Seeing our own stupidity is especially upsetting.
Having our sinfulness revealed is never fun.


February 8, 2019
Our sinful nature involves one important twist.

A Bad Idea

February 7, 2019
can make sense when you can't think straight.
is not the act of a student.

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Spiritual Beings

There's more to reality than meets the eye.

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