January 31, 2019
Great trials make great Christians.
God uses sophisticated methods.


January 29, 2019
When leadership displays grace.


January 28, 2019
When God hits you with a wake-up call, pay attention.
is harder than it looks.
is God's signature.


January 22, 2019
God's hand in all things.

Blaming Others

January 21, 2019
for your own stupid mistakes


January 18, 2019
is the ultimate teachable moment.

Helping God

January 17, 2019
Wanting to help is good, but assuming God needs help is nuts.
Truth isn't pretty.

Deep Sleep

January 15, 2019
can be a special communion with God.

Questioning God

January 14, 2019
Even the heroes of the faith did it.

Getting Serious

January 11, 2019
We would do well to model the attitude of Melchizedek.

Today's ReVision

Make Up Your Mind To Work

We're not saved by works, but we're not saved without them.

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