Without that grace isn't grace.
When you’re hottest about someone else’s faults, think about your own.
There are many ways that eyes get opened.
One bright idea leads to another.

What Works

March 28, 2019
and what doesn't.
The goal is discovering God.

A Bad Plan

March 26, 2019
Sometimes God lets bad plans succeed.
Sometimes grace needs to be advanced.


March 22, 2019
It's good to put disagreements aside.
When you have the skills, use them.
vs. not wanting neighbors.

Staying Safe

March 19, 2019
Not everyone has it easy.
Though there's a reason He usually doesn't say when.


March 15, 2019
Actions betray what's in the heart.

Today's ReVision

A Worldview within Reach

Here's a worldview you can grab on to.

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