January 16, 2018
Can this really be a good time for sowing good seed?
Now is the day of salvation. Let's get at it.
Stephen lived in two worlds. So do we.
Do we talk about Jesus with the ferocity and conviction of Stephen?
We must be ready to confront the lie of unbelief.

Common Ground

January 11, 2018
Look for positive ways to connect.

In Their Face

January 10, 2018
False worldviews must be confronted boldly. Be ready.
We must confront the folly of our secular age.
We need to know what to do in our secular age.
It guides us to love, and it helps us restrain evil.
Here is another reason why there isn't more evil.
How have Christians managed to be so influential?
Salt, light, leaven - agents of change. That's who we are.
Millions of people do good as a way of life.
The devil's in the details. But God manages the details.

Today's ReVision

A Heritage of Creativity

We must not neglect our heritage.

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