In the holiness of Jesus we see His goodness.

The God-Man

March 21, 2018
Jesus embodies goodness in the unity of Natures and Person.
Looking to Jesus, we can learn what is good.

Law and Love

March 16, 2018
We cannot learn to love apart from God's Law.
The Law is the palette for the Spirit's creativity.
The Law of God just makes sense.
Biblical justice has five harmonious facets, and they're all good.
God's Law is unto holiness.
Which "law" do we mean?
And if you did, it's time to get it right.
Culture can be a vehicle for God's love. And that's a good thing.
We can all make something out of nothing.
Worship is our most important cultural activity.
We resonate with harmony in cultural forms.
All our cultural activities can take a stand for holiness.

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