They are the soul's set of the saw.
A cure for sin exists, and we must make the most of it.
Little deviations can lead to large disasters where sin is concerned.
Why is it that many people just don't want to hear about God?
A sinful generation opposes the Gospel.
Where sin obtains, God's goodness is denied.
Practicing silence in the face of sin only makes sin worse.
If we continue to ignore it, it will destroy us.
Let us become examples and channels of God's goodness. No matter what.
We need a vision of the final and complete goodness of God.
It's there, and we can know it, but we'll need to work at it.
We are called to make the tree of this world good.
Without prayer, we'll make no progress.
We cannot do good if we do not know good.
The world is longing for God's goodness. Our job is to make it known.

Today's ReVision

Judge Lawfully

You cannot judge with righteous judgment apart from the Law of God.

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