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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
Here's a great opportunity for Kingdom citizens.
Everybody wants it.
It can be done. God promises.
More ways to help the poor.
We're all made for it, including the poor.

A Local Concern

December 27, 2023
Where neighbor-love works best.
Care for the poor with justice.
Not everyone who's poor.

With Us Always

December 20, 2023
And we must always care.


December 18, 2023
What does God say about this?


December 15, 2023
It's family business, not government.
A bit more on debt.


December 11, 2023
It can be a trap.


December 8, 2023
They don't have to be uncertain.


December 6, 2023
Honesty, truth, neighbor-love.

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