The Christian vision is filled with glorious unseen things.
The third leg of our worldview triangle is all-important.
If you want a Christian worldview, learn to love discipline.
We need to simplify this subject so that we can get our hands on it.
We have a good bit of learning to do. Let's get started.
Everyone is seeking the good life. The Christian has it.
The Christian knows how it all ends, and is ready.
Warning: temptations and trials ahead.
Live your Christian worldview, and people will see it.
You are what you love.

Loving Jesus

March 11, 2019
Our Christian worldview should lead us to love Jesus more.
Everyone has a worldview. Even you.
Working out your great salvation takes, well, work.
Who are the people to whom God has sent you?
So where does this great salvation come to light?

Today's ReVision

Not Mere Good Feeling

If feeling good is what you're after, you'd better take another look at your faith.

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