We must wield God's Word in every area of life.
We'll succeed at God's mission when we do it His way.
How can Christians be active in shaping public policy?
Worship is crucial for growth in salvation.
Worship can bolster our faith and ready our witness for the Lord.
Our faith is a song for all of life.
It's worship, all the way.


July 18, 2018
Are you planning to leave anything behind?


July 16, 2018
We are sent as Jesus was sent.


July 13, 2018
We are being renewed for this.
Set your conscience on it, because you'll always need it.


July 9, 2018
God is calling, so we should be seeking.


July 6, 2018
God's calling is an exciting adventure and challenge.
They are the soul's set of the saw.
A cure for sin exists, and we must make the most of it.

Today's ReVision

Judge Prayerfully

Prayer is indispensable to judging with righteous judgment.

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