ReVision - Fellowship of Ailbe
Rebellion against truth leads to a life of lies.
Why is there so little love in the world?
If we want it, we must seek it.
We will not seek revival until we understand and desire it.

Our Work

March 13, 2020
God uses our work to bring about revival. Do we know what our work is?

God's Work

March 11, 2020
We can't program our way into revival.
We are the greatest obstacle to revival.
God gives a richer, fuller experience of life in revival.
God has given us a guide in seeking Him for revival. Let's learn to use it.
Let's not be the cause of real Dark Ages.
Celtic Christians learned Jesus from the world around them.
Celtic Christians knew Christ, and they knew He meant business.
Let's apply what we've been learning about knowing Jesus.
Here's how we connect our studies to Jesus.
Begin with Jesus and you will end with Him.