The book of Ruth shows us an island of shalom in a world of chaos.
The book of Judges is ironically titled.
Judging was integral to life in ancient Israel.
We can't escape it, so we'd better learn how.
Little ends up being much here, too.
Setbacks are just opportunities in a different garb.
God commands it, and we need it. 
Paul's mission to Macedonia was as small as your daily mission. But then...

A Little Help

September 28, 2018
A little of this help can go a long, long way.

A Little Troubling

September 26, 2018
When trouble comes, it's God's promise come true.

A Little Waiting

September 24, 2018
Wait on the Lord, stand in His glory. Repeat.

To Those Who Wait

September 21, 2018
Here is the way to revival, renewal, and awakening.
A fruitful field comes from beginning each day in God's Word.

A Beautiful Thing

September 17, 2018
We are called to be a fragrant of the knowledge of Christ.

Faith to Amaze

September 14, 2018
Small beginnings can lead to big results.

Today's ReVision

Judge Lawfully

You cannot judge with righteous judgment apart from the Law of God.

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