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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

The Precious Gift

September 30, 2022
From God, for His glory.

Right Motives

September 28, 2022
Get wisdom, but for the right reasons.

The Ways of Wisdom

September 26, 2022
We can learn wisdom from others.

Wisdom in Culture

September 23, 2022
God can teach us and we can glorify Him through culture.

Study the Creation

September 21, 2022
There's plenty of wisdom to discover here.
This is the way to wisdom.
It's what a strong soul produces.


September 12, 2022
What will you leave behind?


September 9, 2022
We all have a calling to mission. Right where we are.

Keeper of Values

September 7, 2022
We are meant to be like Jesus.


September 5, 2022
We won't have it unless we value it.


September 2, 2022
When God calls, we seek.


August 31, 2022
God is calling. Should that be important?
The conscience keeps the values of the soul.
We can't do without it.

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