God's goodness is seen in creation's unity.
God reveals His goodness in the things He has made.


January 28, 2018
God is love, and this is very good.


January 27, 2018
Our good God is creative. And that's very good.


January 26, 2018
He is a God of order, not confusion. And that's good.


January 25, 2018
Harmony is good, because God is harmonious.


January 24, 2018
The goodness of God can be seen in His holiness.
God's goodness is seen in His unity.

God is Good

January 22, 2018
Good is good, but can we know it?
This one thing we must do.

Get Involved

January 20, 2018
We must serve right where we are.

Write It Out

January 19, 2018
This way lie many opportunities for declaring Good News.
Are we cowed to silence by the loud voices of unbelief?
The Good News of the Kingdom is really that.


January 16, 2018
Can this really be a good time for sowing good seed?

Today's ReVision

Judge Prayerfully

Prayer is indispensable to judging with righteous judgment.

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