We want Christ's light to pass through us.
How does the light get disseminated?
Jesus sends us as light to the dark world.
Darkness cannot stand against Light.
We are not made for darkness, but for light.
We can glorify God in the arts.
If you don't get art, you won't get worship.
The arts can serve to remind and declare.
Here's an art form you can enjoy any time.

To Delight

October 4, 2017
Art can give us pleasure, just as God intends.
The arts invite us all to participate.
Our Creator created us to be creators.
Here is the goal and substance of our faith.
We must be watchful against unbelief.

Look to Your Heart

September 29, 2017
Going astray begins here.

Today's ReVision

Worship and Order

Worship is our most important cultural activity.

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