December 20, 2019
If we're filled with Jesus, we'll talk about Him.

Commune (2)

December 18, 2019
Worship is to be our way of life.

Commune (1)

December 16, 2019
Worship is about Jesus, or it isn't worship.

Connect (2)

December 13, 2019
Let God's works lead you to serve the Lord.

Connect (1)

December 11, 2019
We seek not merely understanding, but connection.
Look for similar things that can reveal the wisdom of God.
The Spirit is our Teacher.

Concentrate (2)

December 4, 2019
Christ is within and without all things. See for yourself.

Concentrate (1)

December 2, 2019
Dulle learners are lazy disciples, and perhaps, not disciples at all.


November 29, 2019
It's time to get busy. What should we do?


November 27, 2019
Growing in Jesus begins here. Every day.
God has freely given us all things. Whad'ya know?

Knowing Truly

November 22, 2019
All true knowledge stops here.

Key to Knowledge

November 20, 2019
All knowledge requires a context. True knowledge requires a true context.
Knowing begins in wanting to know.