The Scriptorium
It's what happens when you don't hate sin. Matthew 12.31-45
It's what we're to be about, too. Matthew 12.22-30
Jesus didn't want things to get ahead of Him. Matthew 12.15-21
The Lord of the Sabbath knows how it can be used. Matthew 12.9-14
Jesus teaches us how to understand His Law. Matthew 12.1-8
Jesus brings us to the Kingdom rest we seek. Matthew 11.1-30
Come to Jesus, and rest. Matthew 11.25-30
The bad news goes with the Good News. Matthew 11.20-24
How can we know who is wise? Matthew 11.16-19
Get ready to rumble. Matthew 11.12-15
None greater than John. Except perhaps you. Matthew 11.7-11
John doubt? I don't think so. Matthew 11.1-6


May 31, 2020
What can we learn from the disciples' mission? Matthew 10.1-42
There's a cross for every believer. Matthew 10.38-42
He has a Sword, and He's wielding it. Matthew 10.32-37