The Scriptorium
We begin our study of Joshua by looking at the main character.
Why the Law? Jesus.
God has every right to command us.
What's the difference?
The Law brings us to Jesus; Jesus teaches us the Law.
God's Law intends to make us a distinctive people.
Civil society begins in the home.
The Law teaches us to be good stewards.
It's good for you, really.
Slavery was a threat for offenders in ancient Israel.
Daily bread or daily witness: He'll be there.
God knows how He wants to be worshiped. Do we?
What do these have to do with one another?
Either we contend with wickedness, or we encourage it.
The Law of God is meant for public policy.

Today's ReVision

Judge Prayerfully

Prayer is indispensable to judging with righteous judgment.

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