The Scriptorium
We have calling from heaven.
We are called to a specific task, and we need to stay at it.
He suffered our sufferings to end all suffering for His people.
Why did God become a Man?
It all depends on where we're looking.
Let's not forget who we are or what we're called to do.
Because it's so great, we ought not neglect it.
It's subtle, but it can be devastating.
As great as angels are, Jesus Christ is greater.
Angels serve us for the sake of our salvation.


April 27, 2018
And we are seated with Him.
No wonder He's superior to the angels.

Son King

April 25, 2018
Jesus rules for uprightness, and all the angels worship and serve Him.
Christ is superior to the angels.
God has spoken His final Word to us, and that Word is His Son.

Today's ReVision

Sow a Little Confusion

We need to challenge false worldviews.

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