The Scriptorium
God set aside a day for Himself. What are we doing with it?
God is looking for inside-out works.
Empty lives flow from empty devotions.
These empty devotions were an offense to God.
God's people loved to worship. God didn't love their worship. That sounds like a problem.
God's salvation is for those who trust in Him.
The Lord speaks peace to His people.
The God Who judges also heals.
Israel's leaders did not remember God.
Once more, for good measure.
The people of Israel had a leadership problem.
God's new people, new city, and new house are for worship.
The work of the Servant continues into a great salvation.
The salvation of God reaches even to the creation.
We can't know what we can't know; we have to trust the Lord.

Today's ReVision

Seeing is Believing

Grace is something you can see.

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