Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
It's not what God planned for His people. It's what they chose. Deuteronomy 29
Well, some of it is. Deuteronomy 29.29
Why would anyone do this? Deuteronomy 29.20-28
We are written into God's covenant. Deuteronomy 29.14-19
Our God, His people. Deuteronomy 29.10-13
And Israel did not. Deuteronomy 29.2-9
There is only one covenant - God's Deuteronomy 29.1
It's your choice. Choose wisely. Deuteronomy 28
We need to get this straight. Deuteronomy 28.47-68
Who would want this? And why? Deuteronomy 28.30-46
Who would not this? Not God. Deuteronomy 28.25-29
Why would anyone choose this? Deuteronomy 28.15-24
It's why we've been set aside unto the Lord. Deuteronomy 28.9-14
God is more ready to bless than we are to be blessed. Deuteronomy 28.1-8
Of course there's a down side. Deuteronomy 27

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