The Scriptorium
That Christian will have no Christian future who has no Christian past.
Joshua reminds, exhorts, and admonishes Israel. Good leadership, that.
God blesses, but He also threatens.
Joshua shows us how to die with no regrets.

Snares and Traps

November 29, 2018
Joshua admonishes the tribes.

Love the Lord

November 28, 2018
Nothing good or lasting happens apart from this.
It's what the people of God need most.
Joshua begins his farewell address recaling the faithfulness of God.
Just when everything was going so well.
All's well that ends well. I guess.

Oh. OK.

November 23, 2018
The tribes are reconciled.
Why don't these people trust one another?
The ten tribes take the two-and-a-half to the woodshed.
Separation didn't have to lead to division.
Joshua sends the eastern tribes home with commendation, reminder, and blessing.

Today's ReVision

Whom the Devil Hates

Warning: temptations and trials ahead.

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