The Scriptorium - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Scriptorium
He keeps saying the same thing. Do you think it's important? Ecclesiastes 7.19-24
Here's where we find the wisdom of God. Ecclesiastes 7.16-18
When things seem really bad, remember the Lord. Ecclesiastes 7.15

Unfailing Joy

December 16, 2019
Joy is better than happiness, but you can only find it in one place. Ecclesiastes 7.14
Solomon nails it for Rehoboam. Ecclesiastes 7.13
Only wisdom will keep us forever. Ecclesiastes 7.12
Let your legacy be a lasting one. Ecclesiastes 7.11
It's the only way to keep pressing on. Ecclesiastes 7.8-10
It can sting, but it's better than the words of the fool. Ecclesiastes 7.5-7
It beats for others in their suffering. Ecclesiastes 7.2-4

A Good Name

December 9, 2019
Focus on what matters most. Ecclesiastes 7.1

Who Knows?

December 8, 2019
Believers must be firm in defending the truth. Ecclesiastes 6.12
We need God's strength to make our lives make sense. Ecclesiastes 6.10
It's the gateway to all sin. Ecclesiastes 6.9
Desire the right things, or fail to satisfy your soul. Ecclesiastes 6.7, 8