The Scriptorium
God gave Jeremiah two forms of revelation. Jeremiah 18-21
The threatened judgment arrives at the gate. Jeremiah 21.1-14
Faith in the face of persecution. Jeremiah 20.7-18


November 12, 2020
Not even a night in the stocks could change his mind. Jeremiah 20.1-6

The Broken Flask

November 11, 2020
Show and tell again. Jeremiah 19.1-15
The leaders want to silence the prophet. Jeremiah 18.12-23
Show and tell. Cool. Jeremiah 18.1-11

Keep Your Heart

November 8, 2020
It's the heart of the matter. Jeremiah 16, 17
It's His day, and He's serious about it. Jeremiah 17.19-27
God sees our heart. Do we? Jeremiah 17.9-18
It's all a matter of the heart. Jeremiah 17.1-8
God knows how to get our attention. Jeremiah 16.19-21

God Sees

November 3, 2020
Everything, all the time. Jeremiah 16.14-18

Evil Hearts

November 2, 2020
God's people had a heart problem. Jeremiah 16.1-13
God will keep His covenant. Jeremiah 11-15