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The Scriptorium
The Good News is that the Kingdom has come near. Matthew 4.17
Jesus came as a Light in a dark world. Matthew 4.12-16
Jericho, but on a much larger scale. Matthew 4.1-11
It's all His, and He's taking it back. Matthew 12.22-29
They're real, and they really do serve us. Matthew 4.11
What a blockhead! Matthew 6.8-10


March 18, 2020
Satan, the original Scripture-twister. Matthew 4.5-7
Jesus begins His conquest of the devil. Matthew 4.2-4
Jesus has some business in the wilderness. Matthew 4.1
It's the Gospel of the Kingdom. Matthew 3


March 14, 2020
From the beginning, it was already done. Matthew 3.16, 17
What we could not do, Jesus did. Matthew 3.13-15
Jesus came to gather His good seed. Matthew 3.11, 12
God's judgment is very much a part of the Good News. Matthew 3.7-10
Only God could draw these people out to a man like John. Matthew 3.4-6