The Scriptorium
There is no one like God, and He is for us.
God comforts us so that we might proclaim His grace.
Isaiah's message turns far-seeing and hopeful.
We have a lot to learn from Hezekiah, if we will.
Hezekiah succumbs to pride. Too bad, but not for him (whew!).

Lord of Time

March 29, 2019
Time is God's greatest gift.We need to use it well.
The judgment of God falls on Sennacherib.
Hezekiah knew where to turn as the Assyrians ramped up their threats.
We have much to learn from Hezekiah.

Big Talker

March 25, 2019
Sennacherib: The bluster before the bust.
Isaiah's ministry recapped and previewed.
A great salvation is coming, and a great judgment as well.
God's promised restoration comes with His Spirit.
God calls us to obedience, not convenience.

Lip Service

March 20, 2019
The people worshiped God, but not from the heart.

Today's ReVision

Never So Bad

How bad can things get? Not bad enough to thwart our mission.

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