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The Scriptorium
Jesus begins His conquest of the devil. Matthew 4.2-4
Jesus has some business in the wilderness. Matthew 4.1
It's the Gospel of the Kingdom. Matthew 3


March 14, 2020
From the beginning, it was already done. Matthew 3.16, 17
What we could not do, Jesus did. Matthew 3.13-15
Jesus came to gather His good seed. Matthew 3.11, 12
God's judgment is very much a part of the Good News. Matthew 3.7-10
Only God could draw these people out to a man like John. Matthew 3.4-6
John didn't make it easy for folks to hear him. Matthew 3.1, 2
Following Jesus can be a hard road. Matthew 2
Joseph and the family return from Egypt. Matthew 1.19-23
Herod's wrath continues even in our day. Matthew 2.16-18
Jesus and His family flee to Egypt. Matthew 2.13-15
The visit of the Magi is fraught with symbolism and significance. Matthew 2.1-12
Not everyone sees Jesus' coming as Good News. Matthew 2.1-8