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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
The King faces the governor. Luke 23.1-5
We must be ready every day. Luke 22


July 1, 2023
For being the Son of God. Luke 22.66-71
What Jesus endured for us. Luke 22.63-65


June 29, 2023
This is where self-reliance gets you. Luke 22.54-62
Watch what you love. Luke 22.47-53
The cup of salvation. Luke 22.39-46
It's a tough world out there. Luke 22.35-38
Then, now, always. Luke 22.1-34
We all need sifting now and then. Luke 22.31-34
It's Jesus. All Jesus. Luke 22.28-30
We should all seek it. Luke 22.24-27
Thank Jesus for this precious gift. Luke 22.14-23
What a comfort! Luke 22.7-13


June 19, 2023
No surprises here. Luke 22.1-6

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