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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Be vigilant. Always. Psalm 119.95

Yours to Save

September 8, 2022
Such a great salvation! Psalm 119.94
It's that simple. Psalm 119. 92, 93
God made creation to serve Him. And us. Psalm 119.90, 91

Settled, Set

September 5, 2022
God's Word, your calling. Psalm 119.89
God calls us to it. Psalm 119.81-88
We need it. God can bring it. Psalm 119.88
it will keep you in Him. Psalm 119.87
Three things. Psalm 119.86
Afflictions and grace. Psalm 119.84, 85
How do we react under pressure? Psalm 119.83
We need more, and there always is more. Psalm 119.81, 82
It's good to keep these in mind. Psalm 119.73-80
Everything begins here. Psalm 119.80

Flood of Lies

August 26, 2022
And how to rise above it. Psalm 119.78

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