The Scriptorium
Jesus cares for us well. Matthew 18.10-14

No Offense

July 21, 2020
There is no place for sin in our lives in Jesus. Matthew 18.6-9
Jesus wants us to be great. Humble, but great. Matthew 18.1-5
Glory in the grind - that's life in Jesus. Matthew 17.1-27
He is Lord of all. Matthew 17.24-27
We must not become distracted by lesser matters. Matthew 17.22, 23
Just the right faith, that's what we need. Matthew 17.19-21

How Long?

July 15, 2020
Not yet, but soon. Matthew 17.14-18
It started with John, and continues with us. Matthew 17.9-13
The glory of God is revealed in Jesus. Matthew 17.1-8
Jesus explains the purpose of His mission. Matthew 16.1-28
If you want to live, you have to die. Matthew 16.24-28
If you want to follow Jesus, get behind Him, not out in front. Matthew 16.21-23
Watershed. Matthew 16.18-20
It's the crucial question. Matthew 16.13-17