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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Is He working in you? Luke 1.25-35


November 30, 2022
Mary and Joseph were faithful. Luke 2.21-24
The Lord is come! Luke 2.8-20
God rules the nations. Luke 2.1-7

The Real World

November 27, 2022
Luke is a true historian. Luke 1
In Jesus. Luke 1.57-80

Like He Said

November 25, 2022
God's Word will not fail. Luke 1.39-56

Let It Be

November 24, 2022
We have a lot to learn from Mary. Luke 1.26-38

Failure of Faith

November 23, 2022
We can all learn from this. Luke 1.18-25


November 22, 2022
One who tells and one who is to come. Luke 1.5-17
Thank God for His written Word. Luke 1.1-4


November 20, 2022
Be sure to choose wisely. Psalm 119.169-176
What's a soul for? Psalm 119.175, 176
God's greatest gift, right there in His Word. Psalm 119.173, 174


November 17, 2022
New Kingdom, new language. Psalm 119.172

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