The Scriptorium
We must keep our eyes on the Lord. Matthew 10.27-31
Being a witness has its challenges. Matthew 10.16-26
In theirs is a foreshadowing of ours. Matthew 10.5-15
Jesus didn't train workers like we do. Too bad for us. Matthew 10.1-4
Jesus prepared the world for His Kingdom. Matthew 9.1-38
Jesus is the Shepherd-Farmer. Matthew 9.35-38
Blind hogs will find a ripe acorn now and then. Matthew 9.27-34
They're like hand in glove. Matthew 9.18-26
If you're looking for a patch-on gospel, forget it. Matthew 9.14-17
We will always need to practice repentance. Matthew 9.9-13
Jesus heals not just sin's effects, but sin. Matthew 9.1-8
They're how the Kingdom advances. Matthew 8.1-34
Wind, seas, demons - He rules the world! Matthew 8.28-34
Who is He? He is the Lord! Matthew 8.23-27
Jesus sets the terms for those who would follow Him. Matthew 8.18-22