The Scriptorium - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Scriptorium
In the end, life is about rest. Ecclesiastes 6.4-6
Live long, neglect your soul, die alone. Ecclesiastes 6.3
No matter how much, it will never satisfy. Ecclesiastes 6.1, 2


December 1, 2019
God can keep us busy, using His gifts as He intends. Ecclesiastes 5.18-20
It won't bring true happiness, and you can't take it with you. Ecclesiastes 5.13-17
You won't find lasting happiness here. Ecclesiastes 5.10-12
We can't think only about ourselves. Ecclesiastes 5.8, 9

Vow Wisely

November 27, 2019
Don't let your words be your downfall. Ecclesiastes 5.4-7
Before God, let all the earth keep silence. Ecclesiastes 5.2, 3
Better watch your step here. Ecclesiastes 5.1

Short Memories

November 24, 2019
Who will remember you? And for what? Ecclesiastes 4.13-16
We are made for community. Ecclesiastes 4.9-12
Work and its rewards matter, but they shouldn't matter this much. Ecclesiastes 4.7, 8
How shall we respond to life's absurdity? Ecclesiastes 4.5, 6
Work hard, and be the envy of your neighbors, while you envy them. Ecclesiastes 4.4