The Scriptorium
God's judgment works both ways.
Give thanks for the evidence of lively faith.

Grace and Peace

January 21, 2019
Here is what God wants most for His churches.

Until He Comes

January 20, 2019
We have work to do.
1 Thessalonians ends where it began - in the grace of God.
It's Paul's way or no way where sanctification is concerned.
We are responsible for one another's walk with the Lord.
Shepherds and shepherding matter.
We're saved, but there's always more salvation to obtain.
The day of the Lord is coming, and we must prepare well.
Sanctification is more of Jesus, and we need it more and more.
It's what we need most of all.
Here is a powerful source of encouragement, if we will.
We sorrow, but not like those who have no hope.

Grow in Love

January 9, 2019
There's always room to grow here.

Today's ReVision


Not a place, but a domain - spiritual and real.

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