The Scriptorium

Jeremiah's Joy

October 31, 2020
Amid the sorrow and judgment, joy. Jeremiah 15.1-21
God will always keep His Word. Jeremiah 14.1-22
Jeremiah calls out the leaders of Judah. Jeremiah 13.15-27
A little art in the mix. Jeremiah 13.1-14


October 27, 2020
We need to be ready to suffer for the Lord. Jeremiah 11.18-12.17
They rejected God's covenant - and God. Jeremiah 11.1-17

Lying Words

October 25, 2020
Their leaders and teachers chose the lie. So did they. Jeremiah 7-10
He is God, the only God, the great and mighty God. Jeremiah 10.1-25

Who Is Wise?

October 23, 2020
Not those who turn from God, that's for sure. Jeremiah 9.12-26
We should weep with the prophet. Jeremiah 8.18-9.11

False Teaching

October 21, 2020
We must be on constant guard against it. Jeremiah 8.4-17

Truth Cast Away

October 20, 2020
Without God's truth, you have no anchor. Jeremiah 7.28-8.3

Where to Walk

October 19, 2020
Not where they were walking, for sure. Jeremiah 7.1-27

Wash Your Heart

October 18, 2020
Still hard, still in need of cleansing. Jeremiah 4-6
And the old truth. Jeremiah 6.1-30