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The Scriptorium
Philemon loved Jesus and His saints. Good thing. Philemon 1.4-7
It's what we need the most. And what Philemon needed, too. Philemon 1.1-3
Grace to the world: That's us! Titus 3
When the church is rightly ordered and well taught, grace flows. Titus 3.12-15


October 18, 2019
Guard against whatever divides. Titus 3.9-11
We work out, not for, our salvation. Titus 3.7, 8

...But Then...

October 16, 2019
God has saved us by His great grace. We should tell the world. Titus 3.4-6

...For Once...

October 15, 2019
Once we were not free, but now we are free in Christ. Titus 3.3

Remind Them...

October 14, 2019
Good works await. Are you ready? Titus 3.1, 2
When churches are ordered as God intends, grace flows to the world. Titus 2
Grace empowers us for good works. Titus 2.11-14
Even the humblest of us can adorn the doctrine of God. Titus 2.9, 10
A pastor has three tools, and this is one of them. Titus 2.7, 8
They need a little more than just teaching. Titus 2.6
Paul understood the importance of character. Titus 2.2-5