The Scriptorium
God knows how He wants to be worshiped. Deuteronomy 12.5-7
Worship God His way. Deuteronomy 12.1-4
Because the alternative is not pleasant. Deuteronomy 10, 11
Choose well. Deuteronomy 11.18-32
Love Him? Obey Him. Deuteronomy 11.8-17
He may seem unapproachable, but He calls us to love Him. Deuteronomy 11.1-7
Keep your eyes on Him, and you won't go wrong. Deuteronomy 10.14-22
He tells us plainly. Are we listening? Deuteronomy 10.12, 13

At That Time

March 22, 2021
God showed His grace in giving His Law. Again. Deuteronomy 10.1-11


March 21, 2021
Their lives depended on it. Deuteronomy 7-9
Or else you'll get snared in it. Deuteronomy 9.12-29
Fear God, and you won't fear men. Deuteronomy 9.1-11
Don't exchange the gifts for the Giver. Deuteronomy 8.11-19
God looks on our heart. What does He see? Deuteronomy 8.1-11
Look to Him, look to His Word. Deuteronomy 7.12-26