The Scriptorium
Where repentance is concerned, there's no time like the present.
The Lord chastens whom He loves.
We are to resist sin, and strive against it, not draw back and drift away.
The unseen realm is real and close. Is it real and close for you?
We gain strength by looking to Jesus.
Like our fathers before us, we must strain toward the promises.
The promises they hoped for, we have gained in Jesus.
Faith was powerfully at work in the saints of old.
Flee to Moses, and he'll point you to Christ.
The saints of old focused on unseen things to come. So should we.
We look to the saints as examples of faith, and rightly so.
True faith consists of two facets.


June 24, 2018
Never draw back. Never lose focus. 
We have to push on through trials, keeping our eyes on Jesus.
God loves us too much to leave us in our sin.

Today's ReVision

Sow a Little Confusion

We need to challenge false worldviews.

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