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December 9, 2021
And no longer beasts. Psalm 49.
They live like beasts, but they're not. Psalm 49.10-13

Fear Not

December 7, 2021
Especially, do not fear men. Psalm 49.5-9
Maybe if we sing they'll listen? Psalm 49.1-4
We are the light of the world, right? Psalm 48.9-11

This God

December 4, 2021
We are God's witness to the world. Psalm 48.12-14
Meditate on Jesus, proclaim His glory. Psalm 48.9, 10
Your gift from the King. Psalm 48.9-11
And they're not happy. Psalm 48.3-8

Glorious City

November 30, 2021
And we are it. Psalm 48.2, 3
He is greatly to be praised! Psalm 48.1

Vantage Points

November 28, 2021
We see time one way. God sees us His way. Psalm 47

Glorious Kingdom

November 27, 2021
He rules all the nations, just as He said He would. Psalm 47.9

Our God Reigns!

November 26, 2021
He is King of all creation. Psalm 47.8
Jesus reigns! Psalm 47.8-10

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