The Scriptorium

Jordan Parted

August 31, 2018
Small steps of obedience, big miracles and promises.
This is the guarantee of that.

Word in Time

August 29, 2018
"Just in time" leadership from God.
Spiritual readiness is always order one.

To the Jordan

August 27, 2018
Israel begins to move, but slowly.
Fear is a powerful affection. Make sure it's rightly focused.

Done Deal

August 25, 2018
For the spies, it was mission accomplished. Now the work could begin.
Rahab saves the spies, and the spies save Rahab.
Fear, grace, hope, promise, obedience, trust: It's all here.

Whom to Fear

August 22, 2018
Rahab's fear of God led to His blessing.
The king of Jericho tries to apprehend the spies.
Joshua sends two spies to Jericho. 
Joshua 1 introduces the main themes of the book.
Expectations all around.
Make a promise, keep a promise.

Today's ReVision

Not Enough Judgment

The book of Judges is ironically titled.

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