The Scriptorium
The Scriptorium
In the Kingdom of God, grace is the coin of the realm. 1 Timothy 6.17-21
Look to Christ, keep His commandments. 1 Timothy 6.13-16


August 29, 2019
The Christian life is an active life. 1 Timothy 6.11, 12
It's the best defense against covetousness. 1 Timothy 6.6-10
It's wholesome words and sound doctrine, or it's a problem. 1 Timothy 6.3-5
The world is watching. Let's show them Jesus. 1 Timothy 6.1, 2
God knows how He wants to build His Church. Do we? 1 Timothy 5
Let's seek the one, and eschew the other. 1 Timothy 5.24, 25
Sound advice for all of us. 1 Timothy 5.21-23
Elders deserve our love and support. 1 Timothy 5.17-20
There are true widows, and there are widows who are not true widows. 1 Timothy 5.9-16
Believers and their churches must take care of those in need, beginning with widows. 1 Timothy 5.3-8
Love and purity are defining marks of Christian community. 1 Timothy 5.1, 2
Pastors need to understand their role in the life of the church. 1 Timothy 4
We're expected to grow in our salvation. 1 Timothy 4.15, 16