Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Like Paul, we're in a race for the Gospel. Acts 20
The Word is the final word. Acts 20.32-38
Shepherding is the way to discipleship. Acts 20.28-31
The Gospel is the Gospel of the Kingdom. Acts 20.25-27


May 11, 2022
Paul's example was a key to his success. Acts 20.17-24
Our witness is comprised of both. Acts 20.7-16
Wherever Paul went, he made them. Acts 20.1-6
Truth changes everything. Acts 19
The lesson of the mob for Christians. Acts 19.30-41


May 6, 2022
What we've seen before, we see again. Acts 19.22-29
They work together well. Acts 19.17-22
Spiritual warfare is real. Really. Acts 19.11-16
Disciples making disciples. Acts 19.8-10
Paul built on Apollos. Acts 19.1-7
We must follow Paul's example. Acts 18

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