The Scriptorium


July 6, 2019
God saw the sin of His people, and it was ugly.
Isaiah prayed for revival. So should we.
It's what we need, and we can get it in prayer.
It's good to look back at what God has done.
Never, ever lose sight of this.
The Servant is both the Trampler and the Trampled.
The salvation of the Lord brings blessings to His people and glory to His Name.


June 29, 2019
You can trust the Lord. Surely. Indeed.
It's a marriage made in heaven. Literally.
The prophet shows us how to respond to the Servant's work and promises.
God blesses His people in the midst of the nations.
We are saved to work.
The Servant describes His mission and its effects.
God holds out a vision of hope for His people.
Isaiah pulls his spyglass all the way out.

Today's ReVision

It's All Grace. Right?

Yes, but we need to make sure we know what we mean.

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