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The Scriptorium
It's wisdom over strength every time, hands down. Ecclesiastes 9.13-18


January 4, 2020
You're going along just fine, and then... Ecclesiastes 9.12
Lots of folks insist on it, but none of them believe it. Ecclesiastes 9.11
...know that it won't last. Ecclesiastes 4.7-10
As long as you're still alive, that is. Ecclesiastes 9.4-5
Have a nice day, if you can. Ecclesiastes 9.3
It's the only safe place to lodge. Ecclesiastes 9.1, 2
It's God's way, or it's not right. Ecclesiastes 8.16, 17
Things are not the way they're supposed to be. Ecclesiastes 8.14, 15
The wicked might be living it up now, but... Ecclesiastes 8.10-13

Ultimate Threat

December 26, 2019
We can't escape it, but we can beat it. Ecclesiastes 8.8, 9
Fear God, and you won't have to fear death. Ecclesiastes 8.5-7
Rehoboam should show a little respect. Ecclesiastes 8.2-4
Wisdom will make you shine. Really. Ecclesiastes 8.1
Had it. Lost it. Gettin' it back. Ecclesiastes 7.29