The Scriptorium
Jeremiah's ministry begins. Jeremiah 1-3
Judgment is coming, but so is hope. Jeremiah 3.6-25
Jeremiah's first sermon ends with an appeal to God's people. Jeremiah 3.1-5
Jeremiah continues his first sermon. Jeremiah 2.14-37
Jeremiah's message is for us, too. Jeremiah 2.1-13
Jeremiah's, and ours. Jeremiah 1.9-19


October 5, 2020
As God called Jeremiah, He calls us. Jeremiah 1.1-8
We are called to make disciples. Matthew 28.1-20
This is every believer's calling. Matthew 28.18-20
Jesus called His disciples to meet Him in Galilee. Matthew 28.16, 17

More Lies

October 1, 2020
Trapped in the lie, they couldn't help but lie. Matthew 28.11-15

Rejoice! Fear Not!

September 30, 2020
Why did Jesus reveal Himself first to women? Matthew 28.9, 10

Come See, Go Tell

September 29, 2020
Here is the meaning of the resurrection. Matthew 28.5-8
And it starts with a bang. Matthew 28.1-4
The end of the beginning. Mathew 27.1-66