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April 8, 2018
Daniel was called to important Kingdom work. So are we.
Political struggles on earth are connected to a larger, unseen struggle. As are we all.
There was more to come; Daniel would need to be strengthened
How does God's truth affect us?
The affairs of earth are never affairs of earth only.
The Lord adds yet more revelation for Daniel's understanding.
There is a time for mourning. But when?
Daniel is shown the promise of a new covenant.
More detail on Daniel's vision of the Kingdom.
Daniel's prayer is answered even as he prays.
The focus of Daniel's prayer changes: From what Israel had done to what God must do.
Israel was not faithful to God's Word. But God was.


March 27, 2018
Daniel points us to Christ.
Daniel shows us how to read the Word of God.
Daniel offers guidance in receiving God's revelation.

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