The Scriptorium
All faith involves risk. Ruth 3.
Whatever God says is right. Ruth 3.2-5
Good things are just ahead for Ruth. Ruth 3.1
The Lord repays and completes our work in peace. Ruth 2

It Is Good

July 10, 2021
Good and kind - that's what salvation creates. Ruth 2.20-23
Here we see how the blessings of God reach us. Ruth 2. 17-19
Boaz continues to show the grace of God. Ruth 2.14-16
Even strangers and foreigners experience the grace of God's Law. Ruth 2.8-13
The dignity of God's Law. Ruth 2.4-7
Here is what the Law of God looks like in practice. Ruth 2.1-3
What an elegant beginning to a beautiful book. Ruth 1
Naomi and Ruth teach us about following Jesus. Ruth 1.15-22
Naomi's faith and hope grow. Ruth 1.10-14


July 1, 2021
Naomi heads back to God's covenant. Ruth 1.8, 9


June 30, 2021
Naomi shows us the nature of repentance. Ruth 1.6, 7