The Scriptorium
We see the true hearts of these rebellious people. Jeremiah 44.15-30
They could run, but they could not hide. Jeremiah 44.1-14
Jeremiah has a Word from the Lord about Egypt. Jeremiah 43.8-13
And off to Egypt they go. Jeremiah 43.1-7

Like He Said

January 3, 2021
God's Word will not fail, like it or not. Jeremiah 39-42
That wasn't what they wanted to hear. Jeremiah 42.1-22
Egypt is not the right place to go. Jeremiah 41.11-18


December 31, 2020
As if things weren't bad enough. Jeremiah 41.1-10


December 30, 2020
Jeremiah goes home. Jeremiah 40.1-16
To him, and through him. Jeremiah 39.11-18

Zedekiah Judged

December 28, 2020
Just as Jeremiah had said. Jeremiah 39.1-10

Hard Words

December 27, 2020
For Zedekiah, it just gets worse. Jeremiah 38.1-28

The Abiding Word

December 27, 2020
Ignore it, reject it, burn it - God's Word remains. Jeremiah 34-38

House Arrest

December 25, 2020
Jeremiah goes to jail. Jeremiah 37.1-21
As if burning the Word could stop it. Jeremiah 36.20-32