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The Scriptorium


October 9, 2021
It was a simple case of antithetical obedience. Micah 6.16


October 8, 2021
God is sovereign. He will judge. Micah 6.13-15
God hates these things, and so should we. Micah 6.9-12
Not what we choose to give Him. Micah 6.6-8
Neglecting it is too costly. Micah 6.3-5
God's world and God's Word both speak the voice of God. Micah 6.1, 2
In the strength and majesty of the Lord! Micah 5
God will judge His enemies. Micah 5.10-15
The Church blesses the world. Micah 5.7-9
God's dealings with Assyria show His justice and might. Micah 5.5, 6

The Good Shepherd

September 29, 2021
He's also the eternal King. Micah 5.3, 4
The promised Ruler will come. Micah 5.2
David's earthly kingdom comes to an end. Micah 5.1
Just as the Lord says. Micah 4

Time for Threshing

September 25, 2021
This is the time in which we live. Micah 4.13

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