The Scriptorium

The Foolish Goats

September 12, 2020
Good works: We're not saved without them. Matthew 25.41-46

The Wise Sheep

September 11, 2020
By their fruit Jesus knows them. Matthew 25.31-40
Fools lose. Matthew 25.24-30
Another parable to encourage us to be wise. Matthew 25.14-23
Foolish, because not ready. Matthew 25.10-13

The Wise Virgins

September 7, 2020
We all have a stewardship, and we must be ready to give an account. Matthew 25.1-10

He Is Coming!

September 6, 2020
We need to be ready. Matthew 24.1-51
How do you stack up? Matthew 24.45-51
But we look forward to it, anyway. Matthew 24.36-44
Jesus tells us what to expect. Matthew 24.29-35

Tribulation (2)

September 2, 2020
Tribulation is coming, and it's here already. Matthew 24.15-28

Tribulation (1)

September 1, 2020
Live for Christ, prepare for trouble. Matthew 24.9-14
Jesus sets the last days stage. Matthew 24.1-8
Jesus condemned the religious leaders of His day. Matthew 23.1-39

Not Willing

August 29, 2020
Are you willing? Matthew 23.37-39