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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium

Sea of Fools

February 1, 2023
One sane man among them all. Luke 8.36-39
Jesus controls it all. Luke 8.30-33
We need to be prepared. Luke 8.26-29
Quite a few to notice here. Luke 8.1-25
Even a rebuke can be loving. Luke 8.25
He is ready to help us. Luke 8.22-24

Jesus' Family

January 26, 2023
Mary, His brothers, and you and me. Luke 8.19-21

Caveat Auditor

January 25, 2023
Listen up, listen well. Luke 8.16-18

The Four Soils

January 24, 2023
Which one are you? Luke 8.4-15
The Gospel Jesus preached. Luke 8.1-3
Jesus, the Wisdom of God. Luke 7
Whenever we come seeking it. Luke 7.36-50
Jesus had it. Luke 7.29-35
Jesus commends John. And how. Luke 7.18-28
Witness, glory, and the fear of God. Luke 7.16, 17

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