The Scriptorium

Song of Woe

February 22, 2019
God has a song for His people. Strictly minor key.
God will restore His beloved people.
They had gone too far, and now their time was up.

Then and Now

February 19, 2019
God continues His case against His people, and holds out a promise of hope.

Opening Argument

February 18, 2019
God has a case against His people, and Isaiah is His lawyer.

Isaiah: Overview

February 17, 2019
Here's our approach to the study of Isaiah.
Isaiah is the first of the major prophets.
God Himself shows us how to read the prophets.

False Prophets

February 14, 2019
Wherever there have been true prophets, there have been false.
Four functions defined the prophet's calling.
Theirs is a message of grace extended, grace repudiated, and grace renewed.
Old Testament prophets spoke into their times, and ours.

Pressing On

February 10, 2019
Paul's was a looking-forward, leaning-forward faith. Is yours?

Peace and Grace

February 9, 2019
Bookends for all Paul's letters.

This Is Serious

February 8, 2019
The apostle Paul means business, and so should we.

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