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The Scriptorium
Moses is never far from the grace and greatness of God. Deuteronomy 33.1-4
God wants us there, Jesus gets us there. Deuteronomy 32
Every day, it's the same choice. Deuteronomy 32.44-52
Moses' song for the ages comes to a close. Deuteronomy 32.32-43
Let's just say, you don't want to be there. Deuteronomy 32.15-21


June 16, 2021
Put yourself in God's shoes. Deuteronomy 32.15-21
How He loves His people. Deuteronomy 32.5-14
The Song of Moses. Deuteronomy 31.30-32.4
We need more than an occasional reminder. Deuteronomy 31
The Word speaks constantly to us. Deuteronomy 31.24-29
God's gift and witness to His people. Deuteronomy 31.19-23
You don't want to be there. Deuteronomy 31.14-18
Joshua is appointed to lead Israel. Deuteronomy 31.11-20
It's not rocket science. Deuteronomy 20.11-20
It's the work of God's Spirit. Deuteronomy 30.1-10

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