The Scriptorium
Jehoiachin's release would have been a sign of hope. Jeremiah 52.31-34
No truth, no freedom. Jeremiah 52.24-30
The destruction just keeps coming. Jeremiah 52.17-23
Just as Jeremiah had prophesied. Jeremiah 52.12-16
Zedekiah received what he chose. Jeremiah 52.5-9
Jerusalem's fall remembered. Jeremiah 52.1-4
Babylon's fall is the signal of redemption. Jeremiah 51
God's Word would not fail. Jeremiah 51.59-64

Ready to Depart

February 5, 2021
When you see the signs of the times, make sure you're ready. Jeremiah 51.47-58
God will break Babylon as Babylon broke the nations. Jeremiah 51.20-32
God is Creator, Sovereign, and Redeemer. Jeremiah 51.11-19
God would redeem His people. Jeremiah 51.5-10, 45, 46
Beaten, trampled, blown away. Jeremiah 51.1-4, 33-44

Babylon Busted

January 31, 2021
And it ain't pretty. Jeremiah 50
Babylon remains devastated yet today. Jeremiah 50.35-40