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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium

Sent Like Jesus

December 25, 2022
He is our example and our message. Luke 4

A Visionary Life

December 24, 2022
It's how we should all live. Luke 4.43, 44
To be renewed. Luke 4.42
We need both. Luke 4.40, 41

Healed to Serve

December 21, 2022
Just as we are. Luke 4.38, 39

Deeds and Words

December 20, 2022
Our witness requires both. Luke 4.33-37

With Authority

December 19, 2022
We need to teach like Jesus did. Luke 4.31, 32

Regime Change

December 18, 2022
It's the beginning of the end for Satan. Luke 4.1-30
The Gospel is not all fun and games. Luke 4.23-30
Isaiah's prophecy incarnate. Luke 4.16-22
How the Spirit works in us. Luke 4.14, 15

Game Over

December 14, 2022
Satan bound. Luke 4.9-13

Whom to Worship

December 13, 2022
Only One is worthy. Luke 4.5-8
Here's how to resist the devil. Luke 4.1-4
You have to put it on. Luke 3

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