The Scriptorium

Two Threats

November 30, 2020
To Jeremiah, and to Judah. Jeremiah 26.1-11

"I Will..."

November 29, 2020
God means what He says, and does what He promises. Jeremiah 24, 25

Savage Lion

November 28, 2020
Jeremiah's message becomes more urgent. Jeremiah 25.30-38
The nations are in God's crosshairs. Jeremiah 25.15-29
There was bad news and good for God's people. Jeremiah 24.8-14
It's a long time to be faithful but ignored. Jeremiah 25.1-7

Bad Figs

November 24, 2020
God's patience is not indefinite. Jeremiah 24.8-10

Good Figs

November 23, 2020
Jeremiah looks back in order to go forward. Jeremiah 24.1-7
There is good news among the bad. Jeremiah 22, 23
You who minister God's Word, take care. Jeremiah 23.25-40

False Prophets

November 20, 2020
They were the downfall of the nation. Jeremiah 23.9-34
The King is coming with His shepherds. Jeremiah 23.1-8
Lesson number 3. Jeremiah 22.18-30
Jeremiah's history lesson continues. Jeremiah 22.11-17
Zedekiah would not learn it. Jeremiah 22.1-11