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The Scriptorium

Hold Fast

October 25, 2021
When your soul is downcast, you have a choice to make. Psalm 43.3, 4

Wake-up Call

October 24, 2021
The sons of Korah call us to wake-up to our great and glorious God. Psalm 44
He has. He can. He will. Psalm 85
It's our greatest privilege and blessing. Psalm 42
Always there, always ready to shelter and help. Psalm 46
Beautiful because He is. Psalm 84
His praise reaches to all the earth! Psalm 47
Meet the sons of Korah. 1 Chronicles 26.1, 12-19

Wait for God

October 17, 2021
He will not fail His people. Micah 7
And we're all called to be like Him. Micah 7.18-20
God's promise. Our reality? Micah 7.14-17
First judgment, then restoration. Micah 7.8-13
Bail on the Law, fail at love. Micah 7.5-7
When rulers go bad, we all suffer. Micah 7.3, 4

No Fruit - Yet

October 11, 2021
God is always looking for fruit. Micah 7.1, 2

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