The Scriptorium
Cyrus will be God's anointed shepherd.
God would shepherd His servants, but with an unlikely shepherd.
Idolatry, as God sees it, is just stupid.
God promises His Spirit for deliverance and restoration.
God is making a new covenant with His people through His Servant.
Faithless Israel, faithful God.
God loves His people, and He will not forsake them.
It's a problem every believer needs to guard against.
When God restores His people, a new world will be born.
Praise will sustain us when troubles arise.
And that new covenant is a Person.
Isaiah turns a page to more hopeful and promising future for God's people.
God lays into the idols Israel preferred to Him.
God will restore His people, and He will be with them in their trials as He does.
We can't avoid troubles, but we can endure and grow through them.

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