Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
We are appointed to be witnesses. Acts 13.13-41
It's what reaches the heart. Acts 13.8-12
The whole truth. Period. Acts 13.4-7
We're also set apart and sent. Acts 13.1-3
We wear the garments of Christ. Acts 12


March 26, 2022
Luke hints at things to come. Acts 12.25
God only is God. Acts 12.20-24


March 24, 2022
What do we expect when we pray? Acts 12.12-19
Faith and obedience lead to understanding. Acts 12.10, 11
Caesar stop Him? Not a chance. Acts 12.6-9
As the heat rises, so do the prayers. Acts 12.1-5
Only King Jesus can do this. Acts 11

One Church

March 19, 2022
Our oneness is our great strength. Acts 11.27-30
The people of Antioch described what they saw. Acts 11.25, 26
Where it's working, you can see it. Acts 11.22-24

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