The Scriptorium
Your works show what's in your soul. Matthew 23.31-36
Just when they thought He'd said it all. Matthew 23.23-30

Blind Guides!

August 26, 2020
Leading the people into the ditch. Matthew 23.16-22
Jesus did not mince words. Matthew 23.13-15
It's in serving, not in being served. Matthew 23.1-12
He's the interpretive key to it all. Matthew 22.1-46
Son of David, King of Israel, Lord of all. Matthew 22.41-46
The Law of God begins and ends here. Matthew 22.34-40
One little word... Matthew 22.30-33
And to be discovered to be a fool as well. Matthew 22.23-29
What we owe to God. Matthew 22.15-22
Will you be there? Matthew 22.2-14
And everybody knows it. Matthew 21.1-46
Who belongs in the Kingdom? Matthew 21.28-46
They thought they had Him. Wrong. Matthew 21.23-27