The Scriptorium
There are true widows, and there are widows who are not true widows. 1 Timothy 5.9-16
Believers and their churches must take care of those in need, beginning with widows. 1 Timothy 5.3-8
Love and purity are defining marks of Christian community. 1 Timothy 5.1, 2
Pastors need to understand their role in the life of the church. 1 Timothy 4
We're expected to grow in our salvation. 1 Timothy 4.15, 16
Timothy is an example for all the flock of God - including us. 1 Timothy 4.12-14
Is this your experience of believing in Jesus? 1 Timothy 4.10, 11
Do you need more time in the gym? 1 Timothy 4.6-9
Let God's Word do its sanctifying work in you. 1 Timothy 4, 5
We live in the latter days of lies. 1 Timothy 4.1-3
God has an order for His churches. We do well to follow it. 1 Timothy 3
The mystery of godliness is Jesus. 1 Timothy 3.16
We can't understand it, but we believe it. 1 Timothy 3.16
Some things aren't optional. 1 Timothy 3.14, 15
Sound church structure requires faithful deacons. 1 Timothy 3.8-13

Today's ReVision

Seeing is Believing

Grace is something you can see.

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