The Scriptorium
Isaiah opens the final section of his book with a call to "Arise!"
God promises His Word and Spirit in His covenant.
God promised His people an eternal and unfailing covenant.
If God's people will be saved, He must do it.
Isaiah identifies with God's sinful people.
Sin begins within, then ruins us without.
Isaiah makes another run at the sins of God's people.
It's not that He could not, but that He would not.
True religion begins in faithful spiritual disciplines.
If only we would keep the Sabbath.
God set aside a day for Himself. What are we doing with it?
God is looking for inside-out works.
Empty lives flow from empty devotions.
These empty devotions were an offense to God.
God's people loved to worship. God didn't love their worship. That sounds like a problem.

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Never So Bad

How bad can things get? Not bad enough to thwart our mission.

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