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Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
Watch that self-interest. Luke 15.11-16
Give the angels some joy. Luke 15.8-10
Want to be like Jesus? Be a seeker. Luke 15.3-7
The likes of you and me. Luke 15.1, 2
We need to hear Jesus on this. Luke 14.1-35
Make sure you're flavorful. Luke 14.34, 35
Make sure you're following Jesus for the right reasons. Luke 14.25-34

Excuse Me!

April 27, 2023
Come to the party. Luke 14.15-24
Seek the right rewards. Luke 14.12-14
We're so vain. Luke 14.7-11
Scripture-based reasoning silences Scripture's opponents. Luke 14.1-6
There's no Good News without the bad news. Luke 13
It should be ours, too. Luke 13.34, 35
It's the right gate. Luke 13.22-33
Big things can happen for the Kingdom. Luke 13.18-21

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