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The Scriptorium


January 20, 2020
Keep the Lord in focus now, while you can. Ecclesiastes 12.1


January 19, 2020
No more telling it slant. Ecclesiastes 11.10

Sin Boldly!

January 18, 2020
But remember: Judgment is coming. Ecclesiastes 11.9
God wants our lives to be sweet and pleasant - in Him. Ecclesiastes 11.7, 8


January 16, 2020
The wise person knows we are created to work. Ecclesiastes 11.6
Or perhaps better, whom? Ecclesiastes 11.5
You have to think and live consequentially. Ecclesiastes 11.3, 4

Look Ahead

January 13, 2020
The Christian faith is forward-looking. Ecclesiastes 11.1, 2
Better not let this get away from you. Ecclesiastes 10.18-20
Look for wise rulers, not fools. Ecclesiastes 10.15-17
Here's where the fool shines. Ecclesiastes 10.12-14
Every situation requires wisdom. Better be ready. Ecclesiastes 10.10, 11
Be careful what you sow. Ecclesiastes 10.8, 9
Another measure of the madness of our age. Ecclesiastes 10.4-7
Just a little can ruin everything. Ecclesiastes 10.1-3