The Scriptorium - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Scriptorium
Beware the false prophets. Matthew 7.15-20
It's narrow and difficult, but right. Matthew 7.12-14
Prayer is hard work, but that's no excuse for not praying. Matthew 7.7-11
We can't not judge, but we must judge righteously. Matthew 7.1-6
It's the Kingdom and righteousness of God. Matthew 6.15-34
The Kingdom is our defining priority. Matthew 6.33, 34
The antidote to worry is to seek the Lord. Matthew 6.25-32
It's a question of being loyal to God. Matthew 6.24

Bad Eyes?

April 29, 2020
What you see is what you'll get. Matthew 6.22, 23
Only that which is eternal will last. Matthew 6.19-21


April 27, 2020
It's more than just abstaining from food and drink. Matthew 6.16-18
It's between you and God, first of all. Matthew 6.1-15


April 25, 2020
God provides the model that we must emulate. Matthew 6.14, 15
When temptation arises, you have to choose. Matthew 5.13
Now we're ready to bring our requests to the Lord. Matthew 6.11, 12