The Scriptorium
Isaiah's ministry recapped and previewed.
A great salvation is coming, and a great judgment as well.
God's promised restoration comes with His Spirit.
God calls us to obedience, not convenience.

Lip Service

March 20, 2019
The people worshiped God, but not from the heart.
Isaiah's message in a nutshell.
Isaiah looks forward to the hope of salvation and glory.
God is faithful to His covenant, and sovereign over His world.
"In that day" God will rule from in the midst of His people.
The prophecy of judgment expands and extends.
When God judges, the righteous endure it with hope.
Ours is not the first fun-seeking generation.
Sin has wide ramifications.
Let's slow down and catch our breath: Isaiah 24.
Seeing God's judgment, Judah and Jerusalam should have turned to him. But...

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Not a place, but a domain - spiritual and real.

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