The Scriptorium
Daniel offers guidance in receiving God's revelation.

Rule of Lies

March 24, 2018
Antiochus' fate holds many lessons, if we will learn them.
God judges His people when they transgress His Law.
God will end the desolation of His temple and the trampling of His people.
The kingdoms of the world continue to fragment.

The Greeks

March 20, 2018
Alexander and the Greeks are the next powerful kingdom in Daniel's vision.
Daniel's vision is enlarged again.
Daniel 7 continues to enlarge our understanding of God's Kingdom.

Then? When?

March 17, 2018
God is still active in history, now as then.
God is giving His Kingdom to His saints.
Daniel's dream begins to lead us on to familiar turf.
They may be fierce and fearsome, but they are flimsy and fleeting.
Daniel's dream continues, but on a higher plane.
Daniel receives a dream like Nebuchadnezzar's - only more ferocious.
Daniel shows us the cost of Kingdom living.

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