Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.
The Scriptorium
We all have work to do. Acts 18.26-28
Apollos comes to Corinth. Acts 18.24, 25
Just like we should do. Acts 18.18-23
There's always trouble somewhere. Acts 18.12-19
What He said to Paul, He says to all. Acts 18.5-9

Settling In

April 25, 2022
Paul in Corinth. Acts 18.1-4
That's the power of the Gospel. Acts 17
Just as they will to us. Acts 17.29-34
The God they know but don't know. Acts 17.22-28
What are we waiting for? Acts 17.16-21
Search the Scriptures. Daily. Acts 17.10-15
This is true discipleship. Acts 17.5-9
It takes all three to get some saved. Acts 17.1-4
That's the work for which we have been saved. Acts 16
Trust the Spirit. Go where He leads. Acts 16.31-40

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