The Scriptorium
Jesus is in the plundering business, and us with Him.
How can this please God?
The Servant's suffering further described.
Look again through Isaiah's spyglass.
People in Isaiah's day didn't believe. Do we?
We enter the most shocking section of the book of Isaiah.
Israel must wake up to her sin to wake up to the salvation of the Lord.
What's the Good News?
When God delivers His people, they shall all know Him.
Wrath is coming, but it won't last. Take hope.
Through their time of trial, Israel must trust in their strong and faithful God.
Beyond Cyrus, beyond the Servant to come, into the new forever.
Look back and remember, look ahead and believe.
God comforts His people with the promise of His Servant.
The Servant speaks of His work.

Today's ReVision

Never So Bad

How bad can things get? Not bad enough to thwart our mission.

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