The Scriptorium
The Lord calls each of us: 1 Timothy 1.1, 2.
Our study of Isaiah comes to a close.

The Choice

July 20, 2019
It comes down to this, for everyone.
God sends us signs and outposts of His Kingdom.
Salvation is a now and not yet treasure.
God will fulfill His promise just in time.
God looked on the worship of His people as an abomination.
God seeks those who will worship and serve Him.
And we are part of that glorious newness.
In the new creation, we'll have lots to do.
God is making all things new.
Israel worshipped the wrong god. 
How can we know if we are among the new wine remnant of God?
The incense they burned could not cover the stench of their lives.
There's only one Seeker, and He calls us to seek.

Today's ReVision

Seeing is Believing

Grace is something you can see.

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