The Scriptorium


September 26, 2020
But not for long. Matthew 27.62-66


September 25, 2020
Joseph acted boldly to claim the body of Christ. Matthew 27.57-61


September 24, 2020
Here is Jesus in His deepest suffering. Matthew 27.45-56

As Prophesied

September 23, 2020
Why did Jesus have to suffer so? Matthew 27.27-44

Who Will Go Free?

September 22, 2020
At all times, we are faced with this choice. Matthew 21.15-26

Word on Trial

September 21, 2020
We can trust the Word of God. Matthew 27.1-14
Focus on what Jesus did. Matthew 26.1-75


September 19, 2020
Jesus submitted to God's Word, and so must we. Matthew 26.47-75

"Not My Will..."

September 18, 2020
Jesus prayed, and so must we. Matthew 26.36-46
We're all a bit like Peter. Matthew 26.31-35

On Top of It All

September 16, 2020
Jesus is sovereign. Period. Matthew 26.17-30
Two works, one focus. Matthew 26.6-16
Matthew slows things down. Matthew 26.1-5

He Is Coming!

September 13, 2020
And that's as much as we need to know about that. Matthew 25.1-46

The Foolish Goats

September 12, 2020
Good works: We're not saved without them. Matthew 25.41-46