The Scriptorium - Fellowship of Ailbe
The Scriptorium
Now, let's see what we have to flail. Revelation 21.23-27
They have their own unique forms and devices. Ezra 7.1-10
They are integral structural supports for God's covenant. Psalm 105.42-45

So Much to Do!

January 30, 2020
These little passages are hard workers. Ezra 2.3

Unlikely Food

January 29, 2020
It may seem like slim pickings, but it's full of nourishment. Numbers 11.4-9

Left Behind

January 28, 2020
Let's not leave these behind any longer. 2 Timothy 3.14-17; Matthew 4.1-4
Much awaits us in the gleanings of God's Word. Luke 24.25-32
Here's the sum and substance of it all. Ecclesiastes 12.13, 14
Truth hurts sometimes. Ecclesiastes 12.11, 12

Words of Truth

January 24, 2020
Their truth is evident, but not always believed. Ecclesiastes 12.9, 10


January 23, 2020
Even the good stuff loses its appeal. Ecclesiastes 12.6-8
The fun can't last forever. Ecclesiastes 12.5

All Good Things

January 21, 2020
You won't be young forever. Ecclesiastes 12.2-4


January 20, 2020
Keep the Lord in focus now, while you can. Ecclesiastes 12.1


January 19, 2020
No more telling it slant. Ecclesiastes 11.10